Goodbye, Stan Lee, my friend

Comic News:Stan Lee passes at 11/12/2018 Stan Lee was born in 1922 and live till the year 2018. He was the brain behind many comics and the mind behind Marvel. Stan has been a inspiration to many, father… Read More

Star Wars TLJ and the Truth about Russian Trolls

Star Wars and the Truth about Russian Trolls Since 9/29/18  “Reliable Nerd News Sources” like “Epicstream”, “Kotaku”, “The Verge”, “The Hollywood Reporter” and “USA Today” have reported: “Russian Trolls make up half the people critical of TLJ (The… Read More

Gen Con Dealer Attacks You Tube Personality

Just when you thought it was safe to be a nerd with an opinion Gen Con Dealer Attacks a Youtube Personality! For years, conventions and the towns they are hosted in have been havens for fans and creators… Read More

Star Wars The Clone Wars is back

Fan’s demands to bring back Star Wars: The Clone Wars were heard! The Last Episode of Rebels left fans wondering “What about what happened between Yoda’s conversation with Ghost Qui Gon Jin and the fist scene of Episode… Read More

She-Ra DraMa

She-Ra Remake stirs commotion among fans old and new. The 1980s was a strange time for kids. We weren’t indoctrinated in the placid pacifism and fear of hurting people’s feelings like folks are today. He-Man, She-Ra, Ghostbusters, G.I…. Read More