Jason David Frank, The Mighty Morphin Green Ranger, passed away

Rest well, Sensei.

Jason was always passionate about his work but much weighed on this man’s shoulders.

November 20, 2022 was the actor’s last day fighting. It would seem that the Green Ranger, Jason David Frank, has taken his own life. Speculation as to why has ranged from the longstanding depression of “Survivors Guilt” from the passing of his brother, to the suicide from his daughter in 2021, to the current “Messy Divorce”. Whatever caused it, he will be gravely missed.

Jason has been very active in the “Power Rangers” Community lately, going from convention to convention and meeting fans while participating in Fan-Film content given a green-light from Saban. He created his own Martial Arts organization and was the head-master. Because of his work fans had been inspired towards self discipline.

I got to meet Jason at a few conventions and even had the pleasure of sitting down and eating some sushi with him (and his daughter) once after a Power Morphicon, in the mid-late 2000s. He was inspiring but had a sadness about him that I just couldn’t place. When I told him about my own various projects he told me to “Act on it not talk”. That struck me pretty deep. We had kept in touch through social media since then but around 2017 he stopped responding.

R.A.G. Rankin, Author of Eon Legacy on “Meeting JDF

“JDF” will be missed by his fellow former crew members, his family, friends and fans more than anything. His passing is a lesson that we all most remember which he himself once said:
Asking for help isn’t a weakness – it’s a sign of strength!
If you or anyone you know is having a hard time in life or in general, talk, get help, take care of it.

Prize Kingdoms is the first of many from INK Games with 4th Quarter International Release

“It’s like playing Monopoly mixed with Sorry and a slew of other games!” -A.J., a Beta Tester

INK Games’ first release has hit the market in, Canada, The UK, and the Philippines with a resoundingly positive response!

Nearly 3 years ago we spoke about the advent of “INK Games” and their “Player Monetization Platform” with a chance to get in on the ground floor with our INK ID. A few folks have stayed in touch since then and have even got into the Alpha and Betas of the first release! The United States release is just around the corner but here’s the rundown so far:

While “Zip Codes” may be sold out- we still see some potential for the “Everygamer”!

While INK Games has not had the ability to purchase Zip Codes in some time there are still quite a few “Unclaimed” from what one of the “High Tier Investors” told us. Because of that we can only speculate what’s to come. That didn’t deter investors from helping raise nearly $19 Million as per the report from Venturebeat. Other “Rounds” have helped get INK Games off the ground and it looks to have far greater potential than we first thought! A new challenger enters has arrived:

On Google Play and the Apple Store in the USA Soon!

While Prize Kingdoms may just be getting started we can see that it’s pretty beefy from the start. It’s only a matter of time before everyone starts battling it out for prizes. We were lucky enough to be one of the first few folks to win EARBUDS but others have won gift cards, consoles, and gift cards of all sorts!

If the “Monetization Engine” for the investors and “Zip Code” owners works then everyone will be seeing a huge surge of interest for both players and content creators. It will be an amazing dance between those who play and those who entertain with viral reach and promotional support by those who put in their 2 cents (or much more) where the cycle of “Great Gameplay + Incentivization + Community Interaction + Content Creation” you can’t really go wrong and INK Games has really narrowed down the formula.

Don’t forget if you’re interested in getting an account with INK Games you can always use our INK ID: GOLDEN
To get access to your viral reach, account access, and the INK Games Platform Dashboard!

New Independent Virtual Tabletop RPG Stories funded!

RPG Stories provides a stand-alone platform and hearty load of content from the start!

Last month we covered one of our favorite projects, Scene Grinder (with their browser based VTT Platform) and this month we’re going over one of the newest “Platformed VTT”s called RPG Stories that got fully funded. As of 9/23 they still have a few spots left on their Kickstarter with options comparable to most of the other platforms out there when considering the cost.

That’s some quick place-setting, folks!

We’ve got plenty of stuff in the works on the other platform we’ve covered but the fact that we can offer more than just the 1 platform. My team have given a thumbs up for RPG Stories. The fact I (The Loremaster) can import models back and forth AND use Hero Forge for all of the mentioned platforms gives me some flexability! I’m all about that!

Fantastic options for all sorts of settings.

We’ve hopped on the kickstarter to see how it goes! Take a look and see how it goes! We’re more than happy to give this one our endorsement as a stand alone Role Playing Game VTT!