Star Wars is back…

George Lucas’ original vision has returned to the Star Wars franchise and we are so happy!

The season finale for The Mandalorian was probably the best moment for the Star Wars library of visual media since Episode 3. While we’ve already covered the positive motion of the franchise we’ve also got a “Return to form” and the “True Version of Luke Skywalker” as Mark Hammil put it

While it’s leaps and strides in the right direction there has been a light bit of controversy following the release of the show however showrunners Jon Favreau and Dave Filoni have given us the “Space Cowboy Bounty Hunter” show we’ve been waiting for (sorry, Firefly fans, Star Wars just happened to fill the niche). While the show gave us what we’ve been wanting for a long time it’s only our first step into a much larger world.

Showrunner Jon Favreau seems to know what he’s doing…

Now, we play the waiting game for Disney to produce the greater portion of what’s to come. If they follow the steps they’ve taken in The Mandalorian we can only hope for more hearty helpings of good Space Opera.

The New Women of Star Wars

Disney’s righting their wrongs, finally.

Disney’s Star Wars: Mandalorian has been raising the bar on their female characters and abolishing the image set by the last 3 “Episode Sequels” (no spoilers)

Not a character to look up to or establish as a role model, to be sure.

It’s been too long since “The Holdo Manuver” was the “Most heroic thing a woman could do was sacrifice herself for the greater good” or Leia stabbing herself to “get across to her son” with some “Jedi Seppuku” or Brienne of Tarth in Chrome falling down a hole after a total of 5 lines across 3 movies that gave us all a bad taste in our mouth for both of those films. However, enter The Mandalorian Season 2!

The 1st Season’s strong lady.

Actually, we had few strong woman character from Season 1 like Gina Carano’s ex-shock trooper and the Femme Mando “Armorer” but now we have Bo-Katan. A Mandolorian from a different sect whom aids our protagonist. Unlike other female character that are looking to “Sacrifice themselves” or “Run” from their problems ala “Rose Tiko ramming Fin out of the way of the Laser-Ram” we see a woman driven by more than fear and a desire to escape the harsh nature of the galaxy.

If you’re just seeing Bo-Katan now you’ve missed her introductions and interactions in The Clone Wars and Rebels episodes.

This is great! Finally, we can have a strong lady represented in media that isn’t a cobbled together peace-meal “Formula for normalization” that we’ve been seeing so frequently in entertainment media. Not only that but the content isn’t just made for children but adults too. However, not everyone is happy with the representation.

She’s BACK!

While Lucasfilm and Disney have made many missteps (including the “Galaxy’s Edge” additions to their theme parks) in the past few years this isn’t one of them. Not only is the character pivotal in the grand scheme of story progression for the Mandalorian but the fact that there is a whole other story on her end is a great way to prepare content centered on this character and her own storyline.

I mean…we know of her. We’ve seen what she can do.

There have been a few detractors. We’re not going to give them any publicity.

Speculation for Warcraft: Shadowlands Lock-In

We heard you like escalating situations…

Rumors for the next World of Warcraft expansion has some folks on edge…

The Warcraft: Shadowlands preview is accessable over on Battlenet but there still isn’t a finite decision on weather or not “Once you go to the land of the dead you are stuck there” or if you can return to the home cities and the greater portion of Azeroth .

Developers have hinted to possibly “Locking Out” those whom travel into the expansion content from the earlier game content. However, this has been a subject of controversy for people whom enjoy the entire experience that WoW has to offer and which “Should be included if they are paying for it”.

No further comments have been released on the subject matter. However, many hard-core players say it will “Be great for immersion” while the more casual have been arguing over their favorite spots to frequent. The RPer community has a very heavy push-back on the matter insisting that “Shadowlands is NOT the place for many of the scenes they are currently engaging in.” with all that being said we won’t know until more information has been released.

Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker “Lucas Cut” is better than what we paid for!

Stockholders were invited to Skywalker Ranch for the Lucas Cut and the result wasn’t pretty…

Sometime in July, 2020, a private screening was held and George Lucas’ owned Skywalker Ranch with a selection stockholders from Disney to view an edited with extra shots version of the last Episode of Star Wars. What was witnessed by the stockholder that leaked the information to YouTuber and Modern Myth Curator Victor Von Doomcock was staggering.

Doomcock Reporting in…

While the short version of the report is:
Stockholders are mad that this version was NOT the theatrical release because it was marginally better with 15 minutes of assorted footage which marginally improved the storyline and lived up to many die-hard fan’s expectations.

We missed them.

That being said, there is a large chance that the “Lucas Cut” will be released. We hope that it will be soon! With the state of the world in 2020 many people have been locked out of theaters and even movies set for theatrical release like the live action Mulan having then been slated for direct-to-stream release with a $30 price-tag. While taking yourself and loved ones to the movies runs about $45+ it wouldn’t be a far stretch to enjoy it it in the safety of your own home for a “Movie Night”.

Warrior Nun jumps from Comics to the Streaming Screen

Ben… did you…is that….?

While the Quagmire Gang is still keeping up with the Feeples and The Diggers Sisters are fighting an unseen battle for reality the Sisters of the Cruciform Sword are saving souls (and sending the bad ones back)

Imagine it’s the lat 90s. Buffy The Vampire Slayer is nearly over and Angel is running on CW. Charmed and Sabrina the Teenage Witch are some of the only other real “Mainstream Girl Power” media. However, what few people had noticed is the latent potential of much smaller reaching publisher known as Antarctic Press. Their Flagship comics at the time: Ninja High School by Ben Dunn and Gold Digger by Fred Perry were great for getting a message across with character developement that wasn’t anywhere near the shove-down-your-throat as today’s “Popular works” by the “Big 2” (or Big 3 if you consider who’s out there). Both artists were pioneers in what we’ve called “American Manga” which for a while there was starting to fade. Ben and Fred along with a few other comic book artists may have very well saved the “American Manga” medium in the late 90s.

From Demons to wily Were-Cheetahs, Areala fraught everything!

Antarctic Press and Ben Dunn, however, had another amazing work for the world: Warrior Nun Areala. The narrative took the heroes journey from the girls point of view and gave us a little taste of the grimdark reality that Mister Dunn’s comic universes’ had in store for us. To avoid spoilers, because we know how close the adaptation has come, we’re going to say that the property is in the right hands. At least that’s my opinion (and I own the WHOLE NHS, Gold Digger, and Warrior Nun comic collection).

Looks on point for a modern incarnation…

A lot of folks have seen the trailer and agree that it does “Look badass!” and while that’s a good sign we have to see the final product. A good editor can make something rough look like gold just as a bad trailer can wreck a golden film. Areala always walked the line between a serious story, keeping the characters dynamic enough to grow and the static ones where they needed to be, and being a genuine commentary of the world at the time. Granted, there was a lot of fan-service a modern live-action adaptation would only require a little more leather and a bit more finesse on the part of the female leads taking charge and not playing victim to the charges they’re burdened with. Check it out once it gets on stream!

Cheers to Netflix, for picking it up!

Cheers to Ben for making it. He’s an inspiration to us all. If you’re looking for his and his fellows work check it out here: