Laser Beams and Neon Dreams

Laser Engraving is the new “Hobbyist Side Gig” with OMTech Lasers out of California

I would be lying if I didn’t say “I already own one of these” because, in fact, I do. It wasn’t an impulse buy either. I’ve seen what the Omtech Lasers can do. I’ve watched as friends with their hands on one of the larger units engrave 40 leather nametags in under an hour.

Anyone can talk about product output though – the “proof is in the pudding” for many and I’ve got to say I’m not disappointed. I picked up a refurbished 350 lbs standalone 60 watt 20 x 28 inch auto-focusing laser cutter (for less than $2500). With the help of my friends we got it rolled into our workshop and cutting like a dream.

I wish they made me one.

It came with a basic little “Chiller” that was an aquarium pump and bucket and a standard compressor that offers a little help with “Air assist” but I slapped grabbed a small Pancake air compressor to upgrade the “Air Assist”. In addition to that I picked up an “Quiet Inline Fanfrom Omtech to help with ventilation.

This wasn’t my first rodeo either. Back when I was a wee boy in the 90s I was raised in a junk yard. I was taught how to hammer steel wheels back into place after heating it up with a torch and marking it after a spin. I’ve purchased industrial lathes and “turning” tables, sheet metal benders, forklifts, grinders, drill presses and much more. Because of that I’ve had my fare share of experience with machines. Usually, a learning curve and safety that if not followed could be serious. These machines: Some online Courses from the manufacturer, watch the work while it etches, and the manual is all you’ll need to get started.

“What can a Laser Engraver or Cutter do for me?”, you might ask. That’s a good question! However, we all know an artist out there that could use this to put their artwork on pretty much any surface you can imagine. From wood and acrylic with the CO2 Lasers to metal shim with The Hybrid and lastly metal over 1.5mm with Fiber Lasers. Omtech’s “Polar Desktop” unit can cut the soft stuff and etch the hard with the right preparation, power output, and speed.

If you’re looking to go a little deeper, OMTech has a solution:
The OMTech Pro Hybrid. It’s like something out of Science Fiction for the Laser Cutting Enthusiasts. We’re not just talking laser CNC we’re talking the ability to cut, with a CO2 Laser, 1.5 mm of Stainless Steel depth at 150 Watts of power, with a 35mm x 55mm workspace and built in Chiller and Industrial Inline Fan. That might seem like a lot of “Technobabble” but to me, looking for an alternative to an “Entry Level Fiber Cutter” it’s a pretty sweet deal and they even offer financing on this puppy.

We really are getting to the point where we, as hobbyists, can start doing more! Laser Engraving is just a small step into a much bigger world that was pretty much out of reach but now it can be on the far wall of the living room by the window!

-Loremaster R.A.G. Rankin

Anime Neo: A Multiversal Playground for Epic Anime and Manga Storytelling has Arrived!

It puts “A new challenger has arrived” in a whole new light

Greetings, fellow architects of imagination! I, R.A.G. Rankin, creator of the Eon Legacy (The Multiverse RPG), am here to extol the virtues of its glorious offspring – Anime Neo (x Mangaverses). This isn’t just an adaptation; it’s a vibrant expansion, a canvas upon which you can paint tales of boundless heroism and fantastical adventure, all imbued with the electrifying spirit of anime!

Anime Neo throws open the doors to limitless possibilities. Become a cyborg ninja wielding a sentient katana, a starfaring chef summoning culinary constellations, or a time-traveling rockstar strumming the strings of destiny. The only limit is your imagination!

But the fun doesn’t stop there. Anime Neo captures the essence of classic and contemporary anime, from the bombastic battles of Dragon Ball Z to the introspective journeys of Spirited Away or wacky wild hijinks of todays western experimental animations -there is no limit! The mechanics seamlessly translate the essence of these beloved narratives into an engaging gameplay experience, whether you’re huddled around a tabletop or exploring virtual sandboxes.

Here’s the beauty of it all: Anime Neo isn’t just for Eon Legacy veterans. Its intuitive framework taking from the core content of Eon Legacy allows anyone, from seasoned role-players to curious newcomers, to jump right in. The system is designed to be adaptable, welcoming any property – be it an Anime, Manga, Comic, book, movie, or even a video game – and translating its unique elements into the thrilling world of Anime Neo.

Now, some might raise concerns about “Power Creep,” where characters become increasingly powerful as they level up. But in Anime Neo, this is a feature, not a fear. The ever-expanding infinite multiverse necessitates heroes of ever-greater caliber. Witnessing your characters transcend limitations and achieve feats of unimaginable power is part of the exhilarating experience.

And let’s not forget the nostalgia factor. Anime Neo evokes a sense of wonder and excitement that harkens back to the golden age of anime, while simultaneously embracing the innovation and diversity of the modern era. It’s a love letter to the genre, inviting players of all generations to relive the magic and forge their own epic legends.

So, if you’re yearning for a role-playing experience that pulsates with the energy of anime, look no further than Anime Neo. It’s a playground for boundless creativity, a testament to the power of storytelling, and a guaranteed ticket to an adventure that transcends the boundaries of imagination. Prepare to unleash your inner hero and paint your own masterpiece in the vast canvas of Anime Neo! The Eon Legacy Sourcebooks are required to enjoy the full experience but Anime Neo is included in the Master’s Collection Bundle!

I look forward to hearing about your adventure!
Much Love, R.A.G. Rankin

A Review of “Madame Web”

A Tangled Web We Weave

As a veteran of the multiverse, having spent decades crafting intricate narratives within the fantastical realm of the Eon Legacy, I approached “Madame Web” with a mixture of cautious optimism and trepidation. The potential for a film centered around the enigmatic precognitive mutant was undeniable, offering a unique lens through which to explore the complexities of fate and free will. However, the final product left me entangled in a web of disappointment, its narrative threads frayed and its characters mere wisps of potential.


The film’s central conflict, from the outset, suffers from a fundamental disconnect. The “McGuffin,” as you would put it “A heroes origin”, feels like a flimsy plot device, devoid of any real weight or intrigue. The audience is expected to simply accept the villain’s motivations at face value, a “girls gonna kill me!” justification that lacks depth and fails to resonate. This shallowness extends to the film’s larger thematic aspirations. The exploration of destiny versus choice, a concept inherent in Madame Web’s very existence, is relegated to superficial pronouncements rather than being woven into the narrative fabric.

The characters, unfortunately, fare no better. Their motivations are one-dimensional, their arcs predictable, and their interactions devoid of genuine emotional resonance. Dakota Johnson, despite her undeniable talent, is saddled with a script that fails to provide her with the depth and complexity necessary to bring Madame Web to life. The supporting cast, while diverse in terms of ethnicity and background, falls prey to the same pitfalls, into stereotypical tropes and lacking the nuance necessary to truly engage the audience

The film’s technical aspects, while not overtly egregious, fail to elevate the experience. The action sequences, though competently executed, lack the visceral impact and creative spark that would have elevated them beyond mere spectacle. The visual effects, while serviceable, fail to capture the otherworldly wonder that should be inherent in a film dealing with precognition and alternate realities.

Ultimately, “Madame Web” feels like a missed opportunity. The potential for a compelling narrative exploring fate, free will, and the interconnectedness of the multiverse was squandered. The film’s disjointed plot, underdeveloped characters, and lack of thematic depth leave it feeling like a forgettable entry in the ever-expanding superhero genre. As a storyteller who thrives on intricate narratives and well-developed characters, I can only hope that future endeavors within this cinematic landscape will learn from the missteps of “Madame Web” and strive to weave a web of intrigue and wonder that truly captures the potential of this fascinating character and the expansive world she inhabits.

0/5 Stars

-Loremaster R.A.G. Rankin