Godzilla Minus One was what we needed!

Godzilla Minus One returns to the Kaiju’s roots and entertains again!

As a longstanding nerd within the Godzilla fandom I have to say I’m overjoyed. Godzilla Minus One was, for a lack of better words, perfect. Weather you’re judging it by it’s production value, acting, story, or sound design it’s all “Spot on”.

I’m not going to spoil the story but I will say for something that would “Stand Alone” this film nailed it. Don’t get me wrong: I love shlocky monster movies. I’ve been impressed since I was a little kid watching everything I could from the local video store. The lack of a guy in a rubber suit doesn’t deter from the storytelling of this masterpiece.

You don’t have to watch “Shin Godzilla” or any other Godzilla to enjoy this film. It’s an epic into it’s own right. Set at the end of World War II and moving forward from there we get enough narrative to establish how Gojira came to be in the first act. Saying anything else would spoil the film.

Get out there and enjoy, Godzilla Minus One, just like I did!