Speculation for Warcraft: Shadowlands Lock-In

Rumors for the next World of Warcraft expansion has some folks on edge… The Warcraft: Shadowlands preview is accessable over on Battlenet but there still isn’t a finite decision on weather or not “Once you go to the… Read More

Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker “Lucas Cut” is better than what we paid for!

Stockholders were invited to Skywalker Ranch for the Lucas Cut and the result wasn’t pretty… Sometime in July, 2020, a private screening was held and George Lucas’ owned Skywalker Ranch with a selection stockholders from Disney to view… Read More

Warrior Nun jumps from Comics to the Streaming Screen

While the Quagmire Gang is still keeping up with the Feeples and The Diggers Sisters are fighting an unseen battle for reality the Sisters of the Cruciform Sword are saving souls (and sending the bad ones back) Imagine… Read More

The New Hybrid Platform For PC Games and Streaming – INK Games

Ink Games solves the two decade long problem of getting “Paid to Play” and Entertain by bringing providing a platform where you can…

Fortnite v12.60 Update Lowdown

We’ve compiled some info on the newest Update for Fortnite for you! On May 20th, 2020, Fortnites latest update went live. This patch included code corrections, bug fixes, new features, and some major changes that have not gone… Read More