Gaming Tournaments live on at ESPORTS ARENA

ESPORTS ARENAS have begun appearing across the USA to carry the torch… The age of G4 TV has ended and professional competitive gaming is a distant dream for many. Because retailers act strictly in a sales-end capacity and… Read More

Which is better: World of Warcraft Classic or Retail?

Veteran MMORPGer weighs in on what’s best in (WoW) life

Joker movie revisited

After the release we’ve got a few things to revisit now that folks have got a chance to see: Joker. Many media outlets, mainstream, had prepared the world for a “Social uprising fallout”. Which, never happened. Joker, the… Read More

The “New” Sonic the Hedgehog Movie Designs

While it’s not as scary as the first Sonic the Hedgehog teaser poster it’s still a little jarring.

Retro Game Review- Zelda 2: The Adventure of LINK

System: Nintendo Entertainment SystemRating Overall: 4 <3<3<3<3/<3<3<3<3<3 5Rating of how WE Feel: 5/5 Forward: While The Legend of Zelda was many of my generation’s first Adventure games nostalgia sometimes is hyped too far. Many games we play today… Read More