Jeff Kaplan the Game Director of Blizzard’s WoW and Overwatch Leaves

The Game Director, Jeff Kaplan, jumps ship… Jeff had spent a lot of time playing MMOs when he was young. Many of us have the same background. However, his run at Blizzard Entertainment is over as of April… Read More

Apogee is back…

The big dog Indi PC Publisher, Apogee, is back! If you were a fan of PC gaming in the late 80s and into the 90s, Apogee was a big part of your world. From shareware titles, edutainment, action… Read More

VALHEIM Cheats and Console Commands

We’ve got what you need to beat the Greydwarfs back, to smash the trolls, or just to build the replica of your favorite cities from other high fantasy properties in Valheim Have you ever wanted to build your… Read More

Star Wars is back…

George Lucas’ original vision has returned to the Star Wars franchise and we are so happy! The season finale for The Mandalorian was probably the best moment for the Star Wars library of visual media since Episode 3…. Read More

The New Women of Star Wars

Disney’s Star Wars: Mandalorian has been raising the bar on their female characters and abolishing the image set by the last 3 “Episode Sequels” (no spoilers) It’s been too long since “The Holdo Manuver” was the “Most heroic… Read More