Jason David Frank, The Mighty Morphin Green Ranger, passed away

Rest well, Sensei.

Jason was always passionate about his work but much weighed on this man’s shoulders.

November 20, 2022 was the actor’s last day fighting. It would seem that the Green Ranger, Jason David Frank, has taken his own life. Speculation as to why has ranged from the longstanding depression of “Survivors Guilt” from the passing of his brother, to the suicide from his daughter in 2021, to the current “Messy Divorce”. Whatever caused it, he will be gravely missed.

Jason has been very active in the “Power Rangers” Community lately, going from convention to convention and meeting fans while participating in Fan-Film content given a green-light from Saban. He created his own Martial Arts organization and was the head-master. Because of his work fans had been inspired towards self discipline.

I got to meet Jason at a few conventions and even had the pleasure of sitting down and eating some sushi with him (and his daughter) once after a Power Morphicon, in the mid-late 2000s. He was inspiring but had a sadness about him that I just couldn’t place. When I told him about my own various projects he told me to “Act on it not talk”. That struck me pretty deep. We had kept in touch through social media since then but around 2017 he stopped responding.

R.A.G. Rankin, Author of Eon Legacy on “Meeting JDF

“JDF” will be missed by his fellow former crew members, his family, friends and fans more than anything. His passing is a lesson that we all most remember which he himself once said:
Asking for help isn’t a weakness – it’s a sign of strength!
If you or anyone you know is having a hard time in life or in general, talk, get help, take care of it.