This Necromancer is better than Mainstream Content

Usually, you’re stuck with a curated and censored view of things but not with this Necromancer named Magog.

His name is Magog… and he gives a different view of things!
Evil Dead vibes are heavy here…

You’ll find most of Magog of Morskar quite entertaining if you’re tired of constantly draining “Mainstream” content trying to adjust your world view into a strange rose-colored dystopian nightmare of adults screaming into the void and that being the new norm.

So THAT’S what Rollings was obsessed with.
Not safe for work… 100% NOT SAFE FOR WORK!

Much of Magog’s work is comedy. It’s a fresh kind of dry take that has been missing from modern media these past few years. While a man “Garbed as a Necromancer” would be considered silly by standards and critics alike people are still watching the corporate media releases of Hogwarts Legacy and the new Dungeons and Dragons movie. If anything it’s because of independent creators like Magog that actually spurn fans to find more content to consume.

This guy is a riot. In five minutes I laugh and smugly chuckle more than an entire season of the latest “Adult comedy media”. Have you even SEEN the stuff they’re trying to forcefeed us? It’s pseudointellecual cesspool slop. Don’t get me started about that Velm-

R.A.G. Rankin, Author and Creator of Eon Legacy: The Multiverse Role Playing Game

You can check out Magog at his youtube:

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