She-Ra DraMa

She-Ra Remake stirs commotion among fans old and new. The 1980s was a strange time for kids. We weren’t indoctrinated in the placid pacifism and fear of hurting people’s feelings like folks are today. He-Man, She-Ra, Ghostbusters, G.I…. Read More

Retrospective- How to watch Tenchi Muyo

Time to get down to business, TENCHI STYLE! First you must understand “Tenchi Muyo!” is an adaption from a serial Manga. You will NEVER get the whole story from the anime. That being said we must also consider… Read More

Retrospective- The Rise and Fall of Anime and Manga into the Niche

GO SPEED! GO! In the 1980s America got it’s first taste of “Anime”. Mainstream titles like: Astro Boy Gigantor Transformers Speed Racer Urusei Yatsura Space Battleship Yamato/ Harlock/Galaxy Express Gundam: Mobile Suit Macross/Robotech And those at the time… Read More