Star Wars The Clone Wars is back

Fan’s demands to bring back Star Wars: The Clone Wars were heard! The Last Episode of Rebels left fans wondering “What about what happened between Yoda’s conversation with Ghost Qui Gon Jin and the fist scene of Episode… Read More

She-Ra DraMa

She-Ra Remake stirs commotion among fans old and new. The 1980s was a strange time for kids. We weren’t indoctrinated in the placid pacifism and fear of hurting people’s feelings like folks are today. He-Man, She-Ra, Ghostbusters, G.I…. Read More

Retrospective- How to watch Tenchi Muyo

Time to get down to business, TENCHI STYLE! First you must understand “Tenchi Muyo!” is an adaption from a serial Manga. You will NEVER get the whole story from the anime. That being said we must also consider… Read More

Retrospective- The Rise and Fall of Anime and Manga into the Niche

GO SPEED! GO! In the 1980s America got it’s first taste of “Anime”. Mainstream titles like: Astro Boy Gigantor Transformers Speed Racer Urusei Yatsura Space Battleship Yamato/ Harlock/Galaxy Express Gundam: Mobile Suit Macross/Robotech And those at the time… Read More