Goodbye, Stan Lee, my friend

Comic News:Stan Lee passes at 11/12/2018

Stan “The Man” Lee – 1922-2018

Stan Lee was born in 1922 and live till the year 2018. He was the brain behind many comics and the mind behind Marvel. Stan has been a inspiration to many, father figure to some, and a legend in life. There is no single deed or project that can define Stan and there is no amount of wordage that can truly describe his contributions to the world.

Art Director, Voice Actor, Real Life Legend, and Hero in our minds.

This year was especially rough for Stan. While he got to see the works of his imagination come into it’s own in the past few decades life, as it was to him, was an adventure to share with the world. While we could go into how most of his works are commentary on the social atmosphere of the day and critique of the world in general we can simply conclude that he, Stan, was a true Paragon that we should all strive to be like.

Stan will be joining his wife in the Here-After.

As of this moment we do not know what took his life however his vision was going and he had pneumonia last year that took a lot out of him. The passing of his wife can also be a contributing factor. In addition the stress that has happened over the past few months could also be part of the issue.

Stan with Kevin Smith.

My personal experience with Stan was 3 encounters. The first time I got him to look at my own project at a comic convention in Southern California. I was 15 at the time and he gave it a few flips of pages and scoped out the lore then said “You’ve got some good ideas but you’ve got to build your world!”. The next time I saw him I mentioned it (I had started balding at 24) and he said “I remember! Dragonmoon, how is it!?” and I cried. The last time he said “Hey Rob.” and he recognized me- having waited in line for 5 hours. I gave my condolences about his beloveds passing and shook his hand as we both teared up. He told me to “keep up the hard work” and I left.

Goodbye Stan. Thank you.

Much Love,
R. Rankin