Scene Grinder takes to the stage with the potential to play every RPG ever made and then some!

Virtual Table Top Sandbox SCENE GRINDER hails itself as an independently made and funded Virtual Table Top or VTT but it’s application far exceeds that

Most Game Masters will tell you they use Foundry or one of half a dozen “Virtual tabletops” that you can get from Steam or directly from the big-name publishers out there. However, after we spent over $430+ for just one year of WotC’s 5e “Dungeons & Dragons + dozens of other games” we decided to withdraw from “Foundry” system. Since then we’ve been playing our games through various homebrewed plugins on Discord and very little visual representation. So much so that the entire playgroup has dissolved into nothing.

However, a change has begun! Scene Grinder entered the scene (heh)! First, they’re an exclusively web-based 3D Virtual Tabletop with the option to bring your own assets. Secondly, they’re importing dozens of different rulesets and mechanic standards. Third, shared notes from GM to the Players, PC, and NPC notes for GMs (viewable by said GMs) and customization between every asset in the field! We could go on and on but the video covers much more of it! Looking at it from our point of view you could make War-Games, Tabletop adventure games, Custom RPGs (with ANY system of mechanics you want), Puzzle Games/Trap Rooms, and a whole plethora of other wild applications on this platform. There will be free stuff your pretty much any genre of game and if you’re an INDIPENDENT RPG Publisher/Developer/Designer/3D Artist they’ll have an entire marketplace where you can sell content!


They’ve already been fully funded on kickstarter but they ARE enabling a Late Pledge offer for Game Masters and Storytellers while reservations last! We picked up a few early pledges already but there are plenty of folks that could really use this platform! Check it out, join their discord, and reap the rewards of the grind!