Starfield announced from Bethesda!

Nostalgia is a thing guys!

Maybe they should have taken Fox up on that offer for the Alien franchise universe back in in the late 2000s..

From the creators of Fallout Online, I mean, Fallout 76, Doom Eternal, Skyrim, and something like a dozen other games comes a RTRPG (Real Time Role Playing Game) in SPAAAAAACE. Bathesda really pulled out ALL the stops in this one from the Retro-Newtech look of the 1980s Science Fiction genre to slapping Mechs into their game as all terrain vehicles, Starfield is meant to give you a No-Man’s-Sky experience through a Bethesda colored glasses.

Oh…heeeyyyy… “Aliens”

Because we are advocates of MMORPGs and long-time fans of many of the franchises associated with the brand we find myself underwhelmed at the presentation. Monetization right off the bat with a “Game Pass” won’t have us grasping at the DLC anytime soon as the memory of No-Mans-Sky is still fresh in our heads. Don’t worry though, you can crew up with NPCs of your choice and fly through spaaaace!

Beep Boop I’m a knock off of the Power Lifter from Alien.

We have been told “There are hundreds of systems, thousands of worlds, half a dozen factions, and a robust character creation system so you can be whoever you want to be.” as of June 12th. However, they flipped through a few pre-selected options and we saw a lot of generic Sci-Fi Space Folk that we’ve seen a million times before. You can’t discount the thousands of man-hours put into this project but we can’t really get hyped after the last few releases from Bethesda.

We’ve played Star Citizen, No Man’s Sky, Wing Commander, and the list goes on forever but will Starfield deliver? Single Player-wise? Maybe. Beyond that the stars look very lonely from here…