New Independent Virtual Tabletop RPG Stories funded!

RPG Stories provides a stand-alone platform and hearty load of content from the start!

Last month we covered one of our favorite projects, Scene Grinder (with their browser based VTT Platform) and this month we’re going over one of the newest “Platformed VTT”s called RPG Stories that got fully funded. As of 9/23 they still have a few spots left on their Kickstarter with options comparable to most of the other platforms out there when considering the cost.

That’s some quick place-setting, folks!

We’ve got plenty of stuff in the works on the other platform we’ve covered but the fact that we can offer more than just the 1 platform. My team have given a thumbs up for RPG Stories. The fact I (The Loremaster) can import models back and forth AND use Hero Forge for all of the mentioned platforms gives me some flexability! I’m all about that!

Fantastic options for all sorts of settings.

We’ve hopped on the kickstarter to see how it goes! Take a look and see how it goes! We’re more than happy to give this one our endorsement as a stand alone Role Playing Game VTT!