Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker “Lucas Cut” is better than what we paid for!

Stockholders were invited to Skywalker Ranch for the Lucas Cut and the result wasn’t pretty…

Sometime in July, 2020, a private screening was held and George Lucas’ owned Skywalker Ranch with a selection stockholders from Disney to view an edited with extra shots version of the last Episode of Star Wars. What was witnessed by the stockholder that leaked the information to YouTuber and Modern Myth Curator Victor Von Doomcock was staggering.

Doomcock Reporting in…

While the short version of the report is:
Stockholders are mad that this version was NOT the theatrical release because it was marginally better with 15 minutes of assorted footage which marginally improved the storyline and lived up to many die-hard fan’s expectations.

We missed them.

That being said, there is a large chance that the “Lucas Cut” will be released. We hope that it will be soon! With the state of the world in 2020 many people have been locked out of theaters and even movies set for theatrical release like the live action Mulan having then been slated for direct-to-stream release with a $30 price-tag. While taking yourself and loved ones to the movies runs about $45+ it wouldn’t be a far stretch to enjoy it it in the safety of your own home for a “Movie Night”.