Warrior Nun jumps from Comics to the Streaming Screen

Ben… did you…is that….?

While the Quagmire Gang is still keeping up with the Feeples and The Diggers Sisters are fighting an unseen battle for reality the Sisters of the Cruciform Sword are saving souls (and sending the bad ones back)

Imagine it’s the lat 90s. Buffy The Vampire Slayer is nearly over and Angel is running on CW. Charmed and Sabrina the Teenage Witch are some of the only other real “Mainstream Girl Power” media. However, what few people had noticed is the latent potential of much smaller reaching publisher known as Antarctic Press. Their Flagship comics at the time: Ninja High School by Ben Dunn and Gold Digger by Fred Perry were great for getting a message across with character developement that wasn’t anywhere near the shove-down-your-throat as today’s “Popular works” by the “Big 2” (or Big 3 if you consider who’s out there). Both artists were pioneers in what we’ve called “American Manga” which for a while there was starting to fade. Ben and Fred along with a few other comic book artists may have very well saved the “American Manga” medium in the late 90s.

From Demons to wily Were-Cheetahs, Areala fraught everything!

Antarctic Press and Ben Dunn, however, had another amazing work for the world: Warrior Nun Areala. The narrative took the heroes journey from the girls point of view and gave us a little taste of the grimdark reality that Mister Dunn’s comic universes’ had in store for us. To avoid spoilers, because we know how close the adaptation has come, we’re going to say that the property is in the right hands. At least that’s my opinion (and I own the WHOLE NHS, Gold Digger, and Warrior Nun comic collection).

Looks on point for a modern incarnation…

A lot of folks have seen the trailer and agree that it does “Look badass!” and while that’s a good sign we have to see the final product. A good editor can make something rough look like gold just as a bad trailer can wreck a golden film. Areala always walked the line between a serious story, keeping the characters dynamic enough to grow and the static ones where they needed to be, and being a genuine commentary of the world at the time. Granted, there was a lot of fan-service a modern live-action adaptation would only require a little more leather and a bit more finesse on the part of the female leads taking charge and not playing victim to the charges they’re burdened with. Check it out once it gets on stream!

Cheers to Netflix, for picking it up!

Cheers to Ben for making it. He’s an inspiration to us all. If you’re looking for his and his fellows work check it out here: