The New Hybrid Platform For PC Games and Streaming – INK Games

With INK you WIN.

All you need to play and stream, all in one place, giving the other platforms some Ink in the face!

INK Games solves the two decade long problem of getting “players paid for their influence and social following” and Entertain by providing a platform where you can buy games and merchandise, Connect to you’re already established Social Media pool, and Stream all in one place while getting “tips” right off the bat and opportunity with your INK ID based on owning Virtual Property reflecting real world Zip Codes with tools and integration that makes it easier than ever to jump into the fray. It’s free to sign up and get in early too.

INK has Games and Streaming integration all rolled into a bundle so you can download, play, and earn all in one fell swoop!

I’ve been waiting for something like this after fumbling with OBS and the streaming keys or the various tools to “Start the Stream” with a total lack of intuitive design while having to spam all of my social media and then when I finally get started with a bad bit-rate or substandard content totally throwing all the hardships endured to the wind and having to start from scratch to find out “what I did wrong” and scour the internet for optimal settings. Then, after hours of playing and only 2 viewers and zero interaction the platform your doing it on gives you nothing while they profit off of ads above and beside your stream unless you have thousands of “followers” and hundreds of “hours watched”. If I’ve been waiting for something like this so have you!

Once the platform is up you’ll be able to avoid the whole “Time/Viewer-Gate” that other platform’s require.

Besides the whole “Stream Integration” and actual viral tracking of all those who watch your content while getting a tips, INK, also has the option to pick up “Digital Property” to make a from Zip and Postal Codes if folks decide to get in on another part of the platform with Digital Assets once released. The only way to get in is with an invitation…

As it currently stands the ways you can earn can be greatly boosted by the library of games they’re planning to release sometime soon. There hasn’t been any word yet as to what’s going to be included but INK has a selection of developers and designers from across the industry making sure the system works. The platform will be on PC with a Companion App in development exclusively for Smart Phones.

Just to name a few. The writer of this article has reached out to a few dozen more whom might be interested.
If you’re interested all you have to do is click on any of the text provided!

If you decide to join before the Launch you’ll find yourself needing an INK ID invite:


-R. Rankin