Professional Designer Italiano Couture Suspect of theft

Italiano Couture has been taking money and not producing product as agreed upon…

Samples of her work on display…

Last month we covered the fraudulent weirdness from the Cult of Crunchyroll. This month we’re fraught with concern. Designer and Costume Fabricator, Italiano Couture, done goofed. It started before this year but we have, on good authority, the evidence below:

ID redacted for privacy. However, that’s $2k paid…

This was fromĀ  Model Scarlet who made a public announcement about it on Facebook:

Obvious attempts by “The Designer” to intimidate the customer from disclosing the theft publicly…

Upon reviewing the data we found that this isn’t the only person she’s snowed. It seems like Italiano Couture has a history of doing shady and shoddy ethical practices. It was happening a year ago and Scarlet spoke up then too.



We sent a message on Facebook through one of our affiliated news pages and received no response. Upon further interview with Scarlet we have a story that goes beyond what we can disclose here. The question now is:

  • Will Italiano Couture finish any of the products they have been paid in advanced for?
  • Should Italiano Couture refund anyone for services NOT rendered?
  • Can Italiano Couture make good on a professional standard AFTER being reported to the B.B.B.?
  • Will Italiano Couture try to bully US for providing evidence of suspected theft despite Freedom of the Press and the First Amendment Freedom of information act like they do their customers they owe thousands to?

At this point in time we have to reflect. As a professional who has taken money it is your duty to provide a product. Because if you don’t you’ll be a fraud like EA, Crunchyroll, Gearworks or any number of industry giants out there. Just because you have the customer’s money does not give you the right to provide nothing. Italiano Couture? Really?

-R. Rankin