Star Wars The Clone Wars is back

Fan’s demands to bring back Star Wars: The Clone Wars were heard! The Last Episode of Rebels left fans wondering “What about what happened between Yoda’s conversation with Ghost Qui Gon Jin and the fist scene of Episode… Read More

She-Ra DraMa

She-Ra Remake stirs commotion among fans old and new. The 1980s was a strange time for kids. We weren’t indoctrinated in the placid pacifism and fear of hurting people’s feelings like folks are today. He-Man, She-Ra, Ghostbusters, G.I…. Read More

Is the force really with Obi Wan and what about Lando in IX?

Stirring news about the Stand-Alone Obi Wan film brought to the light and Lando confirmed for IX. Last month we talked about the shelving of the “Star Wars anthology” and “Stories”. However, we did touch on the Obi… Read More