Retro Game Review Sonic and Knuckles on the Sega

System: Sega Genesis
Overall: **** 4/5
Game Summary:Though pushing the processing of sprites on a screen at once Sonic lacked much of the display gloss of later games on the Genisis. The first game itself was a launch title. The rest were sequels that added something new with each update. Sonic has become a large part of both Anime and “Fur” culture. Though the story was simple and the gameplay lacking little more then “Jump on the enemies or run into them with your spikes” it kept us entertained. Sonic has moved into the new age with console games. The fusion of Nintendo and Sega has brought to us Sonic on the NES of today.

Graphics: Sonic wasn’t realistic but we were given much expression with the cartoon sprites that was him and his companions. The game lacked polish in the first 2 but the third and forth installments made up for in both background and foreground effects. You were moving so fast most of the time you didn’t have the seconds to critique most of the area anyways. It was Sega’s “BLAST PROCESSING”, right?

Music: The highlight of the sonic games was the composition of in game songs and the ever so classic ring gain and ring loss sound. We enjoyed it. And sometimes when you close your eyes after playing, you can hear the Green Hill Zone theme.

Replay: Sonic was a set of time trials. You’ve always got to get the best time. Points and time and rings. That’s all you really worried about until you got to the boss, ahh Beating Robotnik was always fun.

In the End: Go and play this game. Even if you have to buy an old used Genesis and the games to do it. Its worth it. These are the games that kept Nintendo grinding away at production for stronger systems. Mario was slow and hopping while Sonic was spin Dashing his way through robots. The worst thing Mario took on was a freaking fire breathing lizard! C’mon guys (well, Sonic and his pals did fight the “True Perfect Being” which was a fire-bubble Lizard but we’re not talking about that, today).

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