Jeff Kaplan the Game Director of Blizzard’s WoW and Overwatch Leaves

The Game Director, Jeff Kaplan, jumps ship…

“Jeff came into work ready to leave.” – A Blizzard Insider

Jeff had spent a lot of time playing MMOs when he was young. Many of us have the same background. However, his run at Blizzard Entertainment is over as of April 20201. From scraping by on his maps made for Ever Quest to the post of leading content creation on World of Warcraft down the road at Irvine. He had the task of populating the world’s lore and determine the zone narrative across the various locations. He also lead the team for Titan, which was totaled and cannibalised for Overwatch down the line. Why he left can only be speculated. Maybe it was the backlash over Overwatch 2 delays, maybe the stock options are dipping too far, maybe someone ate all the Crispy Creams from the cafĂ© in Building 2 and he was tired of it…


The titles he’s worked on are as followed:
World of Warcraft
Starcraft: Ghost (Scrapped)
The Burning Crusade (A WoW Expansion)
Titan (The Alpha of Overwatch that was scrapped)
Overwatch (The Blizzard Loot Box Team Fortress 2 Gatcha Game Clone with Waifus and constant Censoring)

Concept art from Project Titan – With various designs taken from non-blizzard employees and Deviant Artists without credit for the redrawns later used as Overwatch Characters.

Kaplan departs his position at Blizzard with little fanfare. No “Farewell Jeff” notices on the platform News Ticker or “Goodbye Jeff” send off within any of the games he’s worked on. If anything he’s left at a moment while Blizzard is preparing a launch with Overwatch 2 and content for World of Warcraft that extends far beyond the scope of the original “Orcs Vs Humans” world we’ve all grown up with. We here at Chasing Sasquatch hope he brings life to whatever projects he’s going to work on.