Apogee is back…

The big dog Indi PC Publisher, Apogee, is back!

Get Ready to “shake it baby”!

If you were a fan of PC gaming in the late 80s and into the 90s, Apogee was a big part of your world. From shareware titles, edutainment, action and adventure games this “Small indi company” produced much of what we take for granted.

The SHOWCASE is here. Thanks to Apogee Entertainment with presenting voice acting legend John St. John.

Because of the return of Apogee and the overall dispersal of many properties under the brand we can only hope that these “New Projects” can breathe some life into the oversaturated market of Roguelikes and Platformer clones. We saw some Maniac Max and Gizmo in the demo but what else is in store? We’re waiting with baited breath!

Now where IS that CD? I left it around here SOMEWHERE!

“The future is unwritten.” -Loremaster