Joker movie revisited

Phoenix did it.

After the release we’ve got a few things to revisit now that folks have got a chance to see: Joker.

Watch it.

Many media outlets, mainstream, had prepared the world for a “Social uprising fallout”. Which, never happened. Joker, the movie, never struck anyone in our theater as a psycho-social narrative that inspires hate. It was a character study of the Pop Icon Super-Villain everyone has consumed as the “Greatest of Batman’s enemies” for decades now.

He’s really “Happy” in this role.

What people thought they were getting was some sort of edgy “turn up the hate” film. What they got was a roller-coaster of emotion, the breaking of a man, the fallout that follows how mental disorders can effect one’s view of the world and subsequent origin of two characters in the end.

It wasn’t the origin we were looking for but it was quite an origin story.

In stark contrast to the “scenes of riots” in the film the folks watching it and leaving the theaters were rather somber. The movie made you feel something. That’s worth the price of the ticket.

Now time to crunch some numbers…

The film made $90 Million on Thursday night in the USA and Canada where the film only cost $55 million to produce which means they’ve already pulled $40 Million earned on the first night. Yikes!

See this movie and get ready to feel this movie.