The Joker Movie

He’s us.

A true drama, with a coat of DC paint, on the human condition with the “Joker” as the audience stand-in. Ask yourself, who killed Captain Clown?

The Colors and pallet of the film are absolutely amazing on the screeners, however, the sepia tone filter changes the overall feel of the film.

People have been swarming over the chance “The Joker” could be some kind of social-activism trigger from the get-go. However, after we’ve taken a look at the script, and spoken to folks with the pre-screeners we’ve been able to ferret out exactly what’s going on. We’ve had a few of our writers check it out on their end and we’re pleasantly surprised at the overall outcome.

This poster displays lacks the insane whimsy that is usually portrayed with the joker in current comic/animation media.

Joaquin Pheonix walked out of an interview when he was questioned about the “social impact” of said film. It’s not some insane romp pushing for “a revolt” but a story to be told about how people are effected by a cumulative series of events under the Human Condition. This film, as per director:
(I) look at this as a way to sneak a real movie (about the nature of humanity) in the studio system under the guise of a comic book film.” -Tod Philips circa 2019 interview about “The Joker.” -Tod Philips. While we won’t be spoiling the film we will be saying it’s a treat for people who’ve been through a lot and not let it change their good nature while the movie itself depicts someone finding their own way to cope (if you’ve watched the trainer you already know what’s in store) or in the case of the Joker, break.

Sometimes you just gotta laugh…

While we would love to see an action packed Night of the Red Hood Caper where the Joker takes an acid bath and blames Batman for his “One Bad Day” we’re getting a much more human look at the Clown Prince of Crime. As far as we can tell, Joker is shoehorned in with a great nod to an actual character narrative where we are made to feel something rather than stare at a video-game cutscene for 3 hours straight. Will we see Batman? Harleen Quinzel? Larry, Curly, and Moe? All these questions will be answered when you watch the movie.