Gaming News: Justin Nouget is Human Scum

Upcoming Game Designer, Justin Bryan Nouget, is not so kid friendly.. not anyone friendly.

Have you ever had one of those days when you make a vaugebook post on a friends page and someone else goes absolutely ballistic? We have. After mentioning, in a post, that “People in a relationship should both put in the same amount and strive for equity and equality in a relationship” a day or two ago this “Game Designer” named Justin Nougat who worked on “Twilight of the Gods” sent us this text message. FYI our “Phone Number” is a “Business phone” and we will gladly disclose the WHOLE text message list if we are given a subpoena.

Obviously a well read “English Teacher” whom you want to have teach your children and sell you board games.

That’s JUSTIN in PURPLE. If he demands a retraction we it will include the WHOLE text with ALL. Furthermore, SSI standard monthly award is $750+ while “Foodstamps” for 1 person is “$230” which would mean the person he “Cohabitates with” is actually bringing in more benefits which he uses for half the rent. All things concerned, Justin over there in Orange is a pretty big man-child as per the things said in the stated.

However, we asked “Victory Point” his “Publisher” for comment:

Let’s get a slow clap everybody. They didn’t even spell his name right.

Justin in the past has been quoted in person with the following statements at Gen Con-

Justin Nogut: “Alan Emrick said Robert is not liked by anyone in the industry.”
Justin Nogut: “Alan said He’s a bad guy.”

While we feel anyone can say anything they want we also feel that this person, Justin, should not be speaking for Victory Point Games.

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As of 12/22/2018 Justin has also inquired about “Finding someone to hack Robert’s website.” from a “Hacker in jail named “Tod”.” which was told to US by the Handicap Lady he Cohabitates with. That would implicate him for a Conspiracy to Commit an Offense AND use illegal means to harm a business.

Justin Nougat has refused to answer the phone from over 30 different sources. He refuses to answer texts. He refuses to make a comment but he is more than happy to spread disinformation across social media as per discovery with his “Family” and “Mutual friends” on Facebook with no actual media presence found on Twitter, Twitch, Myspace, or any other form of social media. We have tried to reach him over a dozen times in the past 24 hours. One of our Reporters, Barry from Cambodia, even called Victory Point Games and left his VOIP number and our direct email for more comment on Justin quoting Alan Emrich from Victory Point on our Editor and Chief and “How the WHOLE industry views him” as per the quotes provided above after they reported the public posting of the horrible statements from Justin Nougat as bullying, falsely.


One of our lead artists, J.B., got in touch with Alan Emrick and the following statement has been made:

Justin Nouget does not represent me or the people at Victory Point Games and I have never said anything about Mr. Rankin in my life. I don’t even know him and I do not know where Justin got that from. We are not affiliated with and do not endorse the opinions or things said by one of the people that published a game with us and that includes Justin Bryan Nouget.

Alan Emrick
After lying about what Alan Emrick said and threatening to “come into (my) apartment” Justin realized that he could hide behind his then girlfriend who has currently broken up with him whom was a mutual friend of mine for over 18 years.

Justin has proven to be a liar, a gaslighter, and has made some pretty gross statements in public. Not to mention his false representation of Alan Emrick and his attempt to use mutual friends to target other people through them. A common method of control used to manipulate people by Narcissists and Psychopaths but don’t take my word for it- I only went to a few years of College Psychology.

As of sometime this year Justin’s “Fiance” has moved out of the apartment. This was after being told for the past year “I’ll be working with ______ at the new game company established in Georgia as a Game Designer (downgraded to errand boy because he doesn’t even have ACTUAL experience in that vein OR Q and A which he CAN’T even diagnose code for and doesn’t understand collision scripts in 2D games much less 3D environments).” which turned out to be a “massive failure to launch” in part that the person behind said “Game Company” has no actual background in establishing a Gaming Company, Original Intellectual Property, Content, or even a team of actual game designers whom know how to code despite the fact Justin “Knows how to make hammers in Blender and has a Bachelor’s Degree in game design” with ZERO code knowledge of any code language whatsoever. When asked to “Find the error in this script:

class CEvent
    void Collision(int Vertical_Axis_1, int Horizontal_Axis_1, int Vertical_Axis_2, int Horizontal_Axis_2);
    bool Collided;

Justin responded “I don’t know that because I’m an artist, not a coder” which left the UI Designer in question laughing his ass off (because there was no error in the code it just wasn’t complete). Justin has since lived in the $1600 without a job but is carrying 2 diplomas and has zero credits beyond “Contributing works” in a single game that was subsequently shelved for newer products due to the lack of groundswell and interest. All of this lead to a breakup where Justin has been told more than once that his ex is dating another man and his response is “Why won’t you ever TRUST ME!” after having insulted said girlfriend for “not having a career” all the meanwhile leading her along with “Imma get a job I swear next month baby please listen to me my dad has money!” for almost a decade.

Thankfully, his ex isn’t an idiot and decided that 10 years with a blubbering manchild who’s still punching down while his mommy and daddy pay for all of his rent was not a worthwhile investment of emotional or psychological trauma. So she bowed out.

What does the future hold for the psychotic liar, Justin Bryan Nouget? Well, he’s threatened through his ex that he’s going to “Sue for slander” however, that would require having him make Alan Emrick , his Ex, his former roomates whom we have got in contact with, his entire family, my mother and me to lie under oath.

-R. Rankin