Nerd News and Events: Cosplayer Bullied, and Misrepresented for stance on equity in the Tech Industry

Copyright Daisy Roth

Programmer and Cosplayer, Daisy Roth has been dealing with an infamous case of “Florida-Men” over at Palm Beach Techie…

Today we’re looking at the strange case of Programmer Daisy Roth and the subsequent use and abuse of her image, general misrepresentation, and gross application of bullying through published works and disassociating while retaining images and content posted.

The Video covers the gist of what’s going on and while she mentions the “White men” buzzwords a few times this is because of what she encountered.

Yes, she programs.

From what we were able to compile, Miss Roth has done what she can to help her local Tech and Programmer scene. Reaching out to other gals and folks who don’t have the money or power to get organized only to have herself bullied out of the scene by those who organize it. Her entire tale can be found here on this Google Document:
Google Document

The correct response is “You can do whatever you want.” not this diatribe into who does what. Come on don’t you know a snarky sarcastic comment when you see it?
Her Youtube Videos have been struck due to her outstanding statements on the matter. Which is against YouTube Policy as her personal accounts cover “Reporting”. The reporting party thinks they have the RIGHTS to use “Palm Beach” exclusively to themselves while their own facebook sock-puppets insist Miss Roth is the one with delusions of grandeur…

Until a time we can get a comment from Joseph R. Russo and company through our official page on Facebook this is all the data that we have. They are welcome to offer their side of the story.

*UPDATE* Daisy wanted to clarify what happened as of 1/10/19

-R. Rankin