Why is Chasing Sasquatch so Retro 90s looking?

New Chasing Sasquatch Geek News Site goes with Retro 90s look!

With eloquent critique like”Have you ever made a page on geocities?”, “Why is this trash website such garbage. The 90s look was the last straw!”, and “How can you make a website when there are already (ones) like “*redacted*” and “*redacted*” out there covering this stuff!?” and we have the answer:
We’re here for nostalgia’s sake, to provide some information and data relevant to many different things that people from various fantastical pursuits might want to have a look at or different viewpoint. What we’ve done here is recreate something of that nostalgia. Our primary goal is to entertain and cover subjects we ourselves find interesting and enjoy across a broad spectrum of content.

We’ve kept the minimum of “Ads” to 3 simple sidebar widgets and a 4th set to random at the bottom of the page. The News Page updates with the latest posts at the top of the page and subsequent older posts below. The Layout is simple with the navigation at the top and primary article dominating a bulk of the page. Simple URLs are added to the various pages to site sources when possible and simple embedding is used on videos. We’re not here to flood your browser with popups and we’ll do our best to keep you up to date on said articles. If you have any suggestions let us know through our Facebook Page and we’ll get back to you there!
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