Warrior Nun jumps from Comics to the Streaming Screen

Ben… did you…is that….?

While the Quagmire Gang is still keeping up with the Feeples and The Diggers Sisters are fighting an unseen battle for reality the Sisters of the Cruciform Sword are saving souls (and sending the bad ones back)

Imagine it’s the lat 90s. Buffy The Vampire Slayer is nearly over and Angel is running on CW. Charmed and Sabrina the Teenage Witch are some of the only other real “Mainstream Girl Power” media. However, what few people had noticed is the latent potential of much smaller reaching publisher known as Antarctic Press. Their Flagship comics at the time: Ninja High School by Ben Dunn and Gold Digger by Fred Perry were great for getting a message across with character developement that wasn’t anywhere near the shove-down-your-throat as today’s “Popular works” by the “Big 2” (or Big 3 if you consider who’s out there). Both artists were pioneers in what we’ve called “American Manga” which for a while there was starting to fade. Ben and Fred along with a few other comic book artists may have very well saved the “American Manga” medium in the late 90s.

From Demons to wily Were-Cheetahs, Areala fraught everything!

Antarctic Press and Ben Dunn, however, had another amazing work for the world: Warrior Nun Areala. The narrative took the heroes journey from the girls point of view and gave us a little taste of the grimdark reality that Mister Dunn’s comic universes’ had in store for us. To avoid spoilers, because we know how close the adaptation has come, we’re going to say that the property is in the right hands. At least that’s my opinion (and I own the WHOLE NHS, Gold Digger, and Warrior Nun comic collection).

Looks on point for a modern incarnation…

A lot of folks have seen the trailer and agree that it does “Look badass!” and while that’s a good sign we have to see the final product. A good editor can make something rough look like gold just as a bad trailer can wreck a golden film. Areala always walked the line between a serious story, keeping the characters dynamic enough to grow and the static ones where they needed to be, and being a genuine commentary of the world at the time. Granted, there was a lot of fan-service a modern live-action adaptation would only require a little more leather and a bit more finesse on the part of the female leads taking charge and not playing victim to the charges they’re burdened with. Check it out once it gets on stream!

Cheers to Netflix, for picking it up!

Cheers to Ben for making it. He’s an inspiration to us all. If you’re looking for his and his fellows work check it out here:

The New Hybrid Platform For PC Games and Streaming – INK Games

With INK you WIN.

All you need to play and stream, all in one place, giving the other platforms some Ink in the face!

INK Games solves the two decade long problem of getting “players paid for their influence and social following” and Entertain by providing a platform where you can buy games and merchandise, Connect to you’re already established Social Media pool, and Stream all in one place while getting “tips” right off the bat and opportunity with your INK ID based on owning Virtual Property reflecting real world Zip Codes with tools and integration that makes it easier than ever to jump into the fray. It’s free to sign up and get in early too.

INK has Games and Streaming integration all rolled into a bundle so you can download, play, and earn all in one fell swoop!

I’ve been waiting for something like this after fumbling with OBS and the streaming keys or the various tools to “Start the Stream” with a total lack of intuitive design while having to spam all of my social media and then when I finally get started with a bad bit-rate or substandard content totally throwing all the hardships endured to the wind and having to start from scratch to find out “what I did wrong” and scour the internet for optimal settings. Then, after hours of playing and only 2 viewers and zero interaction the platform your doing it on gives you nothing while they profit off of ads above and beside your stream unless you have thousands of “followers” and hundreds of “hours watched”. If I’ve been waiting for something like this so have you!

Once the platform is up you’ll be able to avoid the whole “Time/Viewer-Gate” that other platform’s require.

Besides the whole “Stream Integration” and actual viral tracking of all those who watch your content while getting a tips, INK, also has the option to pick up “Digital Property” to make a from Zip and Postal Codes if folks decide to get in on another part of the platform with Digital Assets once released. The only way to get in is with an invitation…

As it currently stands the ways you can earn can be greatly boosted by the library of games they’re planning to release sometime soon. There hasn’t been any word yet as to what’s going to be included but INK has a selection of developers and designers from across the industry making sure the system works. The platform will be on PC with a Companion App in development exclusively for Smart Phones.

Just to name a few. The writer of this article has reached out to a few dozen more whom might be interested.
If you’re interested all you have to do is click on any of the text provided!

If you decide to join before the Launch you’ll find yourself needing an INK ID invite:


-R. Rankin

Fortnite v12.60 Update Lowdown

We’ve compiled some info on the newest Update for Fortnite for you!

Get ready to RUMBLE!

On May 20th, 2020, Fortnites latest update went live. This patch included code corrections, bug fixes, new features, and some major changes that have not gone public yet. If you’ve logged on you’ll notice something a little “extra” about The Agency location. The Patch Notes have given us a good idea of what’s going down so far for v12.60:

Battle Royal Update Changes-

·         Party Royal has been updated with the Grappler and the Jetpack (increase mobility for everyone)!

·         Operation: Infiltration has had some added tweaking with a Spy Games Playlist with a nod back to Team Fortress 2 mechanics such as “Extract the intel case and protect your own”

·         Dragacorn Glider animation has been updated and returned to the game

·         Riot Control Baton Pixaxe error corrected so now it doesn’t prevent others from hearing you and being used as an exploit.

·         Damage indicators fixed so they misread when sustaining hits from the wrong direction

·         During Spectation mode you can now change your skin and items while visiting the shop while the game plays in the background

·         There is a New HUD feature indicator that shows nearby gunfire within a specific range (not defined yet).

·         The PC Controller Controversy and Nerf: Epic has announced that they’ll be changing the “Aim Assist” once the FNCS Finals are over which means there will be some mechanics and codewizardry put into play soon. In an official email they’ve said:
“Controller tweaking, tuning, and investigation continues. We have some changes for next steps, but we don’t want to release right before the FNCS Invitational Finals.”

·         Battle Pass Ghost and Shadow variants for your characters will be removed once the season is over so be sure to clear your challenges list.

·         New Challenges There has been a plethora of new challenges added that we’ve not got the full rundown yet but they should be public soon.

·         New Styles There are a huge new slew of skins coming such as Slurp versions for Jonesy, Bandolette, Leviathan, and other styles like Noir for Siren and Wolf, in addition to some gun skins, a Spy Skin for Bachii, and a few other small cosmetics.

·         Creative Mode Corrections The big seam on the middle of the island for mobile users has been identified.

·         Quality of Life Issues
Ammo that was being consumed by a weapon being dropped then picked back up has been verified.
Exploding Deathboms should no longer do damage to an objective through buildings.
Black metal weapons calculation and self damage effects have been corrected during critical hits.

·         General Issues to be addressed
Correction to the Midas’ Goldan Touch not changing items gold and people have found dropping the weapon then re-equipping it will get the effect to work.
The Mouse Lock Input Method function is currently not locking the input method.
Players can hear emotes played over the Main Stage music in Party Royal Mode
Server latency and drop issues are still causing a baseline problem that needs to be addressed and corrected.

With all these updates it’s looking to be an exciting few months. The corrections to PC Controller input is also looking like a great boon for those whom aren’t using it since the nerf was needed in the case of “Target Snapping” and the almost aimbot like feature causing a lot of grief for people not using said function.

The skins are also looking pretty slick and we’ll have to see what else comes out in the coming days! Get out there and have some fun and don’t forget to hammer out those challenges before the season’s up!

-R. Rankin

Blizzcon Canceled due to COVID-19

That’s right, folks, Blizzcon is closed for 2020!

Blizzard Entertainment, announced, amid the strife in the wake of the worldwide pandemic of COVID-19 a postponement of their yearly convention. That means there will be no goody bags, no exclusive releases that will be leaked on youtube hours later, and no “early play” of whatever Blizzision (Blizzard/Activision) will be releasing later in the year, or any of that fun stuff you’d be paying tickets and waiting in line to see.

Remember, you’ve got to wait in line to get in.

The Convention EP, Saralyn Smith, disclosed the following on the BlizzCon Website:
Several weeks ago, I shared an update about our uncertainty around holding BlizzCon this year. Since then, a lot has changed . . . and a lot also hasn’t changed. During this time, we’ve had many discussions about what holding a convention could look like in light of all the health and safety considerations we’d want to make. We’ve also talked about different paths we could take, and how each one could be complicated by fluctuations in national and local health guidelines in the months ahead. Ultimately, after considering our options, we’ve come to the very difficult decision to not have BlizzCon this year.

We’re feeling deeply disappointed about this decision, and imagine many of you will feel the same. I truly love BlizzCon, and I know that’s a sentiment shared by everyone at Blizzard. We will sorely miss connecting with so many of you at the convention and ‘recharging our geek batteries’ this fall

As per Blizzard Website there is “no refunds“. Ticket’s were not sold thus far so you should be ok.

They also reminded us of the “state standard procedure for COVID-19” and to remember the protocol for massive get-togethers: Avoid it till this thing is curved.

Diablo 2 Remake Class Speculation

It’s only a matter of time before we see Paladins “Zealing” everywhere all over again in Diablo 2’s remake.

Those Arcane Sanctuary runs were wild back in the day. Now imagine it on modern hardware, fullscreen, with modern rendering standards…

While the greater portion of the fans out there are seeing various snippets from Blizzard and screaming about how it’s “Not as dark as the original” we’re going to take a more constructive look at the upcoming remake. We must ask “What about the classes and mechanics from the old isometric 2.5D Experience and how will it work out on modern hardware?” to get the right answers.

Looks like the Barb didn’t select the right traits when leveling.

We’ve already seen how a modern version of the game plays out. Resource mitigation in place of mana and different resources for different classes. However a remake of Diablo II would have to cut it down to Mana and target priority management with only Mana and Health to manage across every class. In addition the players would have to work tirelessly on their specific play-style for their designated class.

Remember beating Normal with 15+ skeletons then you got to Nightmare and they evaporated? WE do!

We already know the Core Classes will all be included as per the original release but the question of “How will they change?” remain. 4 months ago Blizzard Entertianment were hiring “Testers for unnamed Project” along with designers, writers, scriptwriters, level designers, 3D modelers, QA Testers and a plethora of other specialists for Diablo 4. Heck, I even applied and got a “Thanks but we filled this position…” email despite having fully published my own Tabletop RPG and authoring dozens of pages of lore and content solo acting as Writer/Producer/Art Director but that’s a story for another time. Balance for the game took months if not years and the Lord of Destruction Expansion added more mechanics to the mix.

Get Ready for A2 all over again and poison. Lots and LOTS of poison.

We’ve got an Insider at Blizzard who’d not willingly spill the beans but what we have heard is the following:

If they were to “remake” Diablo II (2) they’d have to go from the ground up with a lot of the content. The assets are still there on multiple master file copies but we’d need to “upscale” everything due to the changes in technology. We’d need to use models, not sprites or isometric animated vector images and while there are assets we could use from Diablo 3 and Diablo Immortal or Diablo 4 much of the Diablo 2 content would need some TLC to be true to the game itself with mechanics, atmosphere, and presentation. If it happens, expect the whole “staircase firing down” or “using different levels to act as a barrier” so many people depend on in D3 to be gone and the frantic slaughter with hit and run tactics to be in full swing for D2 just as it was intended.

-Blizzard Insider
Fans remade some of Diablo 2 on the Starcraft 2 engine some time ago…

While that quote alone tells us a lot it still does not clear up what classes we’ll be having to re-adapt to. Will we be getting Diablo 2 + LOD with the Assassin and the Druid or just D2 with the Necro, Barb, Sorc, Pal, and Zon? We have some data that might help:

A Bow with Multishot and a LOT of arrows…

Amazons: Long-Range physical damage will be key, the mechanics are pretty basic. You’ll want to spec in Vitality, then Dex and lastly Strength for gear requirements. You’ll be taking up the old “Strafe or Multishot” with the piercing ability while working crowd control on your targets.

Those enchanted Ancient Axes carried my Barb all the way to Hell.

Barbarians: Will retain the age-old standard of the Tank and Spank with a high dependence on Strength, Vitality, and Dex. Whirlwind, Mana Mitigation and Life Leech will be the longstanding mainstay of the Class depending upon your build. Some prefer a “Throwing Barb” but the idea is you’re going to to toe with most of the enemies you come across.

Skeletons a plenty…

Necromancer: On modern Systems the Necromancer with Skeleton AI Pathing “nerfed for classic feel” may be a little janky at first. You’ll be focusing on Strength, Energy, then Vitality, and lastly Dex (You’ll need dex for some items). You’ll be depending upon your spells and mobs to smash through the glass wall beyond “Normal” difficulty.


Paladin: Much like the Necromancer you’ll be filling your vitality, second you’ll be tapping Strength and lastly Dex. You’ll need to be able to soak some damage while landing every hit and smashing with those hits. The Classic version was very “Aura Heavy” when operating as a team but when soloing content you’d be pounding potions while plowing through crowds of mobs.

Everything can be on fire…or freezing. There is NO in-between. I mean, you could shock them a little…

Sorceress: The build like the other’s star’s with Strength so you can equip better gear later in the game but you’ll want to use your other points in Vitality and then thirdly Energy. The mechanics will be very much exactly like Classic D2 but you’ll want to remember you can’t “Lag Pull” like Classic so you’ll probably be running cold and chaining or dragging NPCs through it.

Official art of the Sorceress from Diablo II at Battle.net

While much of the mechanics will stay the same from classic people will have to unlearn what they have learned in Diablo 3 and as it seems to be a baseline “return to basics” the game itself could very well be the escape many have been looking for. You can hear more about what we think over at our last article.