Diablo VI did what now?

The Blizzard Official “Beta Weekend” for Diablo 4 has mixed reviews so we decided to cut through the gore and give you the gold!

Spoilers ahead…

So, you decided to play the Open Beta after getting some KFC chicken or just pre-purchasing a PC game for $70? Blizzard is happy to oblige and so is their stockholders. Either you pay the 11 dollars for the chicky sammich or the traditional $50 + $20 over average retail price for every other game to get entry. Alright, so your in…or not.

As you can see we’ve paid for every game Blizzard has seen fit to bleed us with.

Because of it’s “Popularity” the servers were down/unresponsive/overburdened. Not uncommon for Blizzard, it happened with Diablo III and Diablo II (and the Resurrections). We talked about those over here but today we’re talking about the latest installment that isn’t the festering flesh-pit that is Diablo Immortal. No, Diablo VI (4) is suppose to be the spiritual successor to D2. Because of this the game is “Much darker and grittier than the last one” (We heard that about Star Wars Episode 3, didn’t we?) and suffice to say it did not meet our expectations.

Guess who gives you her “Special Gift”? Spoilers past this point.

I start the game with ZULTAN KUULE SAVING ME FROM FREEZING TO DEATH, in the form of a black wolf. So, I got to start the game slapping stray dogs for four minutes until I get into town and get my bearings only to be sent on the first quest. Ten to twenty minutes later I cleared the first dungeon and got back to town. It sounded good. The music had some nods back to the D1 and D2. The combat felt so CLUDGY.

So what happened?

Because it’s a modern Blizzard game, of course, things take a turn for the worst. In-Game I get roofied then force-fed demon blood which inflicts me with some kinda Soul-Ruining Demon STD. I’m now the next victim of some Sanctuary Based Bug-Chaser cult. Way to rob the agency from me, Blizzard.

You Remember…

Don’t get me wrong I slogged through it up to level 25 with a Barbarian. Then A Sorcerer and I never went back to Barbarian. At that point I had a level 21 Sorc and 25 Barb in the beta and thought “Please get better by release!”. Will it? I don’t know… I just write TTRPGs and watch people take modern day problems and insert them into gritty fantasy games breaking my immersion and making me go bald faster.

-The Loremaster

This Necromancer is better than Mainstream Content

Usually, you’re stuck with a curated and censored view of things but not with this Necromancer named Magog.

His name is Magog… and he gives a different view of things!
Evil Dead vibes are heavy here…

You’ll find most of Magog of Morskar quite entertaining if you’re tired of constantly draining “Mainstream” content trying to adjust your world view into a strange rose-colored dystopian nightmare of adults screaming into the void and that being the new norm.

So THAT’S what Rollings was obsessed with.
Not safe for work… 100% NOT SAFE FOR WORK!

Much of Magog’s work is comedy. It’s a fresh kind of dry take that has been missing from modern media these past few years. While a man “Garbed as a Necromancer” would be considered silly by standards and critics alike people are still watching the corporate media releases of Hogwarts Legacy and the new Dungeons and Dragons movie. If anything it’s because of independent creators like Magog that actually spurn fans to find more content to consume.

This guy is a riot. In five minutes I laugh and smugly chuckle more than an entire season of the latest “Adult comedy media”. Have you even SEEN the stuff they’re trying to forcefeed us? It’s pseudointellecual cesspool slop. Don’t get me started about that Velm-

R.A.G. Rankin, Author and Creator of Eon Legacy: The Multiverse Role Playing Game

You can check out Magog at his youtube:


Or click on any of the videos above and support his independent fantasy comedy!

Jason David Frank, The Mighty Morphin Green Ranger, passed away

Rest well, Sensei.

Jason was always passionate about his work but much weighed on this man’s shoulders.

November 20, 2022 was the actor’s last day fighting. It would seem that the Green Ranger, Jason David Frank, has taken his own life. Speculation as to why has ranged from the longstanding depression of “Survivors Guilt” from the passing of his brother, to the suicide from his daughter in 2021, to the current “Messy Divorce”. Whatever caused it, he will be gravely missed.

Jason has been very active in the “Power Rangers” Community lately, going from convention to convention and meeting fans while participating in Fan-Film content given a green-light from Saban. He created his own Martial Arts organization and was the head-master. Because of his work fans had been inspired towards self discipline.

I got to meet Jason at a few conventions and even had the pleasure of sitting down and eating some sushi with him (and his daughter) once after a Power Morphicon, in the mid-late 2000s. He was inspiring but had a sadness about him that I just couldn’t place. When I told him about my own various projects he told me to “Act on it not talk”. That struck me pretty deep. We had kept in touch through social media since then but around 2017 he stopped responding.

R.A.G. Rankin, Author of Eon Legacy on “Meeting JDF

“JDF” will be missed by his fellow former crew members, his family, friends and fans more than anything. His passing is a lesson that we all most remember which he himself once said:
Asking for help isn’t a weakness – it’s a sign of strength!
If you or anyone you know is having a hard time in life or in general, talk, get help, take care of it.