Cowboy Bebop 2021 Live Action not so hot

Another swing and a miss from Netflix’s Anime Live Adaption of Cowboy Bebop

It’s almost sad in a way. Great properties are being brought back to life and getting a good homage ala Ben Dun’s Warrior Nun, the CG Enhanced Voltron, and or the Live Action Lupin while others are given a cigar and a blindfold like Death Note and Dragonball Evolution. The original Cowboy Bebop was an artifact of anime for it’s time Sci-Fi with bounty hunters and quirky characters. It’s “Live Action” version suffers from a modern case of the “Get woke go woke” variety.

Because of this various modern-day issues are being projected into a show that, for all intended purposes, should not be part of the show and various contributor opinions have changed character designs to make them “Less sexy” or “Less Appealing” to suit a narrative. Included in these changes is a less feminine Faye, a less masculine Spike, and a more feminine Ed for the main cast while less futuristic representations of supporting cast have been changed too.

After a few minutes of the first episode I knew there was going to be an issue or two. After the end of the first episode I was pretty sure things were only going to get worse. Second episode and another viewing of the first told me I was right. If you’re ready to torture yourself – feel free to try but it’s not worth picking up a Netflix Subscription.

Masters of the Universe: Revelation Season 2 is better than the first

Teela and He-Man have more character than the first Season

Kevin Smith’s first season of Masters of the Universe: Revelation was heavy handed with monologuing. So heavy you could feel the social commentary in almost every scene. However, because there was a lot of fan-backlash from the first season it would seem they took a little more formulaic approach to the property.

While the narrative moved more towards empowerment and “Equity of character” rather than diminishing the character’s history from the old series. Without spoiling the show – the actual dynamic character arcs are worth the watch. If you’ve weathered the first season we can assure you the second is a breath of fresh air.

The Matrix Resurrections is coming.

Soon, more people will be exposed to the concept of The Matrix for Actualization among other things…

While The Matrix was a great film trilogy + MMORPG + Animation Anthology Project in the 90s and early 2000s we have not had media that pushes the ideas of self actualization for a while. Lots of topical things like Free Guy, Inception, the Truman Show, and other films have touched the surface but The Matrix pulled the façade from the Social Veneer.

Because of this many people brush it off as “High Sci Fi” or “Science Fantasy Power Fantasies” but there is deeper meaning. For the Siblings Wachowski it was a far more than just “Exposing the 1% of the machines for establishing money as a social construct to retain a modernized machine of slavery and castes which broke people into The poor (Humanity plugged in), the Middle Class(Programs operating within the Matrix), and the Rich (The Machines benefitting from Humanities sacrifice) but a realization of how one should be true to how they feel.

The question is not: “Will it be as good?” because the answer is “No”. The Matrix Resurrections is made to evoke both nostalgia and a sense of progression without diminishing the past of what was and what currently is. We won’t spoil the story because the trailer IS out but we will say it’s something to see and will have something for you to learn.

-The Loremaster