Retro Game Review- Zelda 2: The Adventure of LINK

A Nintendo Original

System: Nintendo Entertainment System
Rating Overall: 4 <3<3<3<3/<3<3<3<3<3 5
Rating of how WE Feel: 5/5
Forward: While The Legend of Zelda was many of my generation’s first Adventure games nostalgia sometimes is hyped too far. Many games we play today dwarf what we considered standard in our youth, however, Zelda and Zelda 2 for the Nintendo Entertainment System were and still are some of the best and harder titles from the Retro Gaming Hall of Fame. When asked at a Game Development company “What was my favorite game?” Zelda 2 was the answer and I stand by that. Not a game to keep playing over and over again after beating it a few times but for sure a game worth it’s place in the author’s mind.

This is where we start…

Game Summary: Once again you assume the role as Link of Hyrule. However, rather than gathering the Triforce this time Ganon enchanted Zelda and she’s been put to sleep. It’s your job to wake her and defeat the evil that plagues the land. This game is broken into 2 parts:
1. A top-down traveling “Overworld” where you go between the various locations and navigate the world at large.
2. A Side-Scrolling Adventure Platformer with unlockable doors, findable items and upgrades, and a Pseudo-RPG Leveling system where you spend experience earned by slaying monsters on Magic, Life and Spells.

Pushing the limits of the NES.

Graphics: The Nintendo Entertainment System was put to the test in some of the scenes. You knew there was a problem once too many monsters got on the screen and they started disappearing. That was the systems limitations though. The overall visual was pretty good. The contrasting colors and layout kept to the Fantasy theme and colors made for establishing the visual asthetic of the world of Hyrule. While the sprites were simple you got a pretty good idea of what you were up against. They even forced you to navigate tunnels in the dark until you found the “Torch” which was some interesting world-building at the time. The color palette was stark but that’s what you get in a fantasy world where the ruler’s been K.O.ed by a phantom Pigman.

The soundtrack from The Adventure of LINK from 8BitStereo via Youtube. Check him out

Music & Sound: Classing for what it was as far as 8-bit chiptunes can go. Sometimes, while I’m driving to conventions or looking for something that tickles the mind for writing fantasy I’ll throw on some of the soundtrack (like the playlist from above). The atmospheric composition and overall field fits the world nearly perfectly. Accompanying the music is the sound; Crisp and percussive. When you got hit you’d hear “OOF” and when you hit metal with your sword you’d hear the clanging of metal or when a fairy was near the soft bell chime. Classing and nearly perfect. Nearly. The low health beep broke the immersion and always added a serious air of tension because you knew “Death was near”.

Replay: If you’re not going to use a Walkthrough or all the various exploits you could be lost for a long time playing this game (thanks to Nintendo Power as a kid I was saved). The NPC’s in the various villages are “hardly helpful” and some even lie to you or try to kill you as I found about quarter of the way into the game. If you have not played, you have to at least try when you get a chance. They released the Classic NES Mini with it and it can be obtained from many retro-resellers for your NES or NES Playing system or the Nintendo Arcade on the Wii-U or Switch.

An image of the Gold Cart. Priced $35+ at Retrogameage.

In the End: Nearly a 5/5 in our eyes here at Chasing Sasquatch, Zelda 2 is a solid Retro Gaming Classic. While it may be a little hard to find a hard-copy and some folks think they can sell it for more than 20 because of the “Gold Cart” that the game is housed in it’s always a nice centerpiece to a collection. Always remember, if it was hard back then it may be still to this day and Zelda 2 is no exception to the rule… The Hyrule.

Nerd News and Events: Cosplayer Bullied, and Misrepresented for stance on equity in the Tech Industry

Copyright Daisy Roth

Programmer and Cosplayer, Daisy Roth has been dealing with an infamous case of “Florida-Men” over at Palm Beach Techie…

Today we’re looking at the strange case of Programmer Daisy Roth and the subsequent use and abuse of her image, general misrepresentation, and gross application of bullying through published works and disassociating while retaining images and content posted.

The Video covers the gist of what’s going on and while she mentions the “White men” buzzwords a few times this is because of what she encountered.

Yes, she programs.

From what we were able to compile, Miss Roth has done what she can to help her local Tech and Programmer scene. Reaching out to other gals and folks who don’t have the money or power to get organized only to have herself bullied out of the scene by those who organize it. Her entire tale can be found here on this Google Document:
Google Document

The correct response is “You can do whatever you want.” not this diatribe into who does what. Come on don’t you know a snarky sarcastic comment when you see it?
Her Youtube Videos have been struck due to her outstanding statements on the matter. Which is against YouTube Policy as her personal accounts cover “Reporting”. The reporting party thinks they have the RIGHTS to use “Palm Beach” exclusively to themselves while their own facebook sock-puppets insist Miss Roth is the one with delusions of grandeur…

Until a time we can get a comment from Joseph R. Russo and company through our official page on Facebook this is all the data that we have. They are welcome to offer their side of the story.

*UPDATE* Daisy wanted to clarify what happened as of 1/10/19

-R. Rankin

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Goodbye, Stan Lee, my friend

Comic News:Stan Lee passes at 11/12/2018

Stan “The Man” Lee – 1922-2018

Stan Lee was born in 1922 and live till the year 2018. He was the brain behind many comics and the mind behind Marvel. Stan has been a inspiration to many, father figure to some, and a legend in life. There is no single deed or project that can define Stan and there is no amount of wordage that can truly describe his contributions to the world.

Art Director, Voice Actor, Real Life Legend, and Hero in our minds.

This year was especially rough for Stan. While he got to see the works of his imagination come into it’s own in the past few decades life, as it was to him, was an adventure to share with the world. While we could go into how most of his works are commentary on the social atmosphere of the day and critique of the world in general we can simply conclude that he, Stan, was a true Paragon that we should all strive to be like.

Stan will be joining his wife in the Here-After.

As of this moment we do not know what took his life however his vision was going and he had pneumonia last year that took a lot out of him. The passing of his wife can also be a contributing factor. In addition the stress that has happened over the past few months could also be part of the issue.

Stan with Kevin Smith.

My personal experience with Stan was 3 encounters. The first time I got him to look at my own project at a comic convention in Southern California. I was 15 at the time and he gave it a few flips of pages and scoped out the lore then said “You’ve got some good ideas but you’ve got to build your world!”. The next time I saw him I mentioned it (I had started balding at 24) and he said “I remember! Dragonmoon, how is it!?” and I cried. The last time he said “Hey Rob.” and he recognized me- having waited in line for 5 hours. I gave my condolences about his beloveds passing and shook his hand as we both teared up. He told me to “keep up the hard work” and I left.

Goodbye Stan. Thank you.

Much Love,
R. Rankin

Blizzard pushes a painful one out

Diablo: Immortal burns while Blizzard takes a dump on fans.

Made in ‘Merica… where you kick, Diablo, the Lord of Terror’s shiny red ass.

It’s not every day that mobile games like “Endless Gods” or “Endless of God” gets the royal upgrade to the IP of Diablo from Blizzard Entertainment. It was so easy just switch god with the Devil (Diablo) and Endless with Immortal and Switch positions. That’s not all, however, they needed to rip the skins and asscets right out of Diablo III and make it a “Midquel” to “Keep the lore canon”. Blizzard totally are NOT selling you a reskin because they¬† “Built it from the ground up” (even though it’s the same company and the game-play looks identical).

Endless Gods = Diablo: Immortal

Now, if you were like me who stood in the crowd and chanted “APRIL FOOLS! APRIL FOOLS!” then the other Diablo-Bro got up and asked if it was an off season April Fool’s Prank only to be told “No, it’s real” then you’d be as flustered as I was. I’ve been paying Blizzard for Collectors Editions and Subscriptions over the past 20 years, since I was 13. The net amount is over a Thousand Dollars easy. So I’m no slouch when it comes to being a fan. I even have my original Warcraft: Orcs Vs. Humans CD covered in dust on my game-shrine. However, Blizzard has decided to knock that $1k+ investment and sentimentality onto the ground and take a huge dump on it by reducing the newest franchise installment to “A Mobile Game”.

Diablo: Immortal = Endless Gods Guess which is which!

While some folks will say “It’s awesome that we can play it wherever!” that is the minority. A majority of folks, on record, publicly displayed on Youtube (as seen below) booed it’s release at this year’s Blizzcon. Who in the world would pay over $150 for a ticket and $400+ on travel and lodging to hear “You get it on your $800+ dollar phone now!” because I sure as the Hells didn’t. Blizzard is facing a backlash so bad they are doing whatever they can to mitigate the “Bad press” they get on Youtube and have gone as far as to Copyright Strike folks who post footage of the questioning at the release.

Thank’s to youtuber “Catheriiine” for that. Please check her channel out.


I remember my youth and that creepy Cathedral full of horrors…

As you can see, Blizzard has fallen out of touch with what fans really want. Mechanics we’ve been begging for have been added to the mobile platform exclusively. Content people could enjoy will require a brand new flagship Smartphone. Lore that folks WANT for worldbuilding in their own head-canon relegated to mobile only. Blizzard has basically seen the waning subscriptions from their Cash-Tauren, World of Warcraft, and thought “Oh! Lets go Mobile and Play to Win with Microtransations with our other IP! That will keep the Gravy Train rolling!” and some of us KNEW it was coming. Mike Morhaime bowed out the beginning of this month. He’s had his fill. The question is:
“Is this muti-million dollar reskin of an already made game going to be worth OUR time?”
You decide.

-R. Rankin