Scene Grinder takes to the stage with the potential to play every RPG ever made and then some!

Virtual Table Top Sandbox SCENE GRINDER hails itself as an independently made and funded Virtual Table Top or VTT but it’s application far exceeds that

Most Game Masters will tell you they use Foundry or one of half a dozen “Virtual tabletops” that you can get from Steam or directly from the big-name publishers out there. However, after we spent over $430+ for just one year of WotC’s 5e “Dungeons & Dragons + dozens of other games” we decided to withdraw from “Foundry” system. Since then we’ve been playing our games through various homebrewed plugins on Discord and very little visual representation. So much so that the entire playgroup has dissolved into nothing.

However, a change has begun! Scene Grinder entered the scene (heh)! First, they’re an exclusively web-based 3D Virtual Tabletop with the option to bring your own assets. Secondly, they’re importing dozens of different rulesets and mechanic standards. Third, shared notes from GM to the Players, PC, and NPC notes for GMs (viewable by said GMs) and customization between every asset in the field! We could go on and on but the video covers much more of it! Looking at it from our point of view you could make War-Games, Tabletop adventure games, Custom RPGs (with ANY system of mechanics you want), Puzzle Games/Trap Rooms, and a whole plethora of other wild applications on this platform. There will be free stuff your pretty much any genre of game and if you’re an INDIPENDENT RPG Publisher/Developer/Designer/3D Artist they’ll have an entire marketplace where you can sell content!


They’ve already been fully funded on kickstarter but they ARE enabling a Late Pledge offer for Game Masters and Storytellers while reservations last! We picked up a few early pledges already but there are plenty of folks that could really use this platform! Check it out, join their discord, and reap the rewards of the grind!

Starfield announced from Bethesda!

Nostalgia is a thing guys!

Maybe they should have taken Fox up on that offer for the Alien franchise universe back in in the late 2000s..

From the creators of Fallout Online, I mean, Fallout 76, Doom Eternal, Skyrim, and something like a dozen other games comes a RTRPG (Real Time Role Playing Game) in SPAAAAAACE. Bathesda really pulled out ALL the stops in this one from the Retro-Newtech look of the 1980s Science Fiction genre to slapping Mechs into their game as all terrain vehicles, Starfield is meant to give you a No-Man’s-Sky experience through a Bethesda colored glasses.

Oh…heeeyyyy… “Aliens”

Because we are advocates of MMORPGs and long-time fans of many of the franchises associated with the brand we find myself underwhelmed at the presentation. Monetization right off the bat with a “Game Pass” won’t have us grasping at the DLC anytime soon as the memory of No-Mans-Sky is still fresh in our heads. Don’t worry though, you can crew up with NPCs of your choice and fly through spaaaace!

Beep Boop I’m a knock off of the Power Lifter from Alien.

We have been told “There are hundreds of systems, thousands of worlds, half a dozen factions, and a robust character creation system so you can be whoever you want to be.” as of June 12th. However, they flipped through a few pre-selected options and we saw a lot of generic Sci-Fi Space Folk that we’ve seen a million times before. You can’t discount the thousands of man-hours put into this project but we can’t really get hyped after the last few releases from Bethesda.

We’ve played Star Citizen, No Man’s Sky, Wing Commander, and the list goes on forever but will Starfield deliver? Single Player-wise? Maybe. Beyond that the stars look very lonely from here…

Cowboy Bebop 2021 Live Action not so hot

Another swing and a miss from Netflix’s Anime Live Adaption of Cowboy Bebop

It’s almost sad in a way. Great properties are being brought back to life and getting a good homage ala Ben Dun’s Warrior Nun, the CG Enhanced Voltron, and or the Live Action Lupin while others are given a cigar and a blindfold like Death Note and Dragonball Evolution. The original Cowboy Bebop was an artifact of anime for it’s time Sci-Fi with bounty hunters and quirky characters. It’s “Live Action” version suffers from a modern case of the “Get woke go woke” variety.

Because of this various modern-day issues are being projected into a show that, for all intended purposes, should not be part of the show and various contributor opinions have changed character designs to make them “Less sexy” or “Less Appealing” to suit a narrative. Included in these changes is a less feminine Faye, a less masculine Spike, and a more feminine Ed for the main cast while less futuristic representations of supporting cast have been changed too.

After a few minutes of the first episode I knew there was going to be an issue or two. After the end of the first episode I was pretty sure things were only going to get worse. Second episode and another viewing of the first told me I was right. If you’re ready to torture yourself – feel free to try but it’s not worth picking up a Netflix Subscription.