Gaming Tournaments live on at ESPORTS ARENA

Sure feels like WIZARDS from the 80s in here…

ESPORTS ARENAS have begun appearing across the USA to carry the torch…

The age of G4 TV has ended and professional competitive gaming is a distant dream for many. Because retailers act strictly in a sales-end capacity and entertainmet media like TV and streaming services report the news or documentaries without really diving into the “Living Culture” of gaming the last few bastions for coverage of the commumity are streaming services like Twitch and the plethora of niche livestreaming sites.

Some tournaments are larger than others.

Enter ESPORTS ARENA: owned and operated for gamers, by gamers. Every location is equipped with enough Gaming PCs to run multiple retro LAN games but the hardware is robust enough to play modern games at high without suffering game-breaking lag/visual tearing or disconnection issues.

Because the atyendance is high you can get in for a mere $10 a day at and you are granted access to the facility and it’s systems. If you don’t bring your own hardware they can let you rent theirs for $5. Tournaments usually run different price ranges but the spoils of war go to the victorious and that’s all part of the game.

Showcase games get to go on the big screen for events!

Due to the demand some of the larger locations have a fully loaded bar and kitchen while the smaller ones have drinks and snacks on hand. If your so inclined to bring your friends you could even run your competitive gaming teams out these locations.

So far, we’ve seen the Santa Ana, Los Angeles, and Las Vegas (In the Luxor pyramid) locations and was able to sit down and test the gaming rigs with a 5/5 stability on High Settings on Fortnight, Pubg, Apex Legends and some League of Legends and even got invited to a few pick up groups within the building. Get in and have some fun!

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