Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker- Episode XI

“Oh BOY!” -Micky Mouse

The long awaited teaser trailer has arrived for the next installment of Star Wars and it brings the feeling back that’s been gone since Episode 3.

Rey takes center stage in the “Final Installment of the 3rd Trilogy”

The Official name and working title is “Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker” harkening to an earlier time in the Star Wars Extended Universe. While people are feverishly analyzing the footage provided we can certainly say “There is a lot of nostalgia here”.

Hey, look, Lando got his ship back after-all…

To add to the cast we have Lando returning (as mentioned in our last Star Wars article), the last footage of the late Carry Fisher, and a spooky laugh from “Zappy Pappy” Emperor Palpatine. Altogether it should be a solid “Wrap-Up” of the story as long as they can stay true to the original method.

“Seriously, what are we looking at?”

Looking over the footage flashy set pieces and impressive CG Spectacles are abound the Producers and Director are saying “It will have a far more real-world feel about it”. The “World Building” that seemed to have lost much of it’s appeal in the last 2 “Official Films” like “Knock off Hoth with salt” and “Jakku being another Tatooine” or “Takodana being a somewhat colonized Endor”.

All this being said by the “Looks” of it we’re getting what seems to be some sort of “Condemnation arch” were the bad-guy actually resolves on becoming the monster he’s always tried to be rather than “Giving into the good”. Prince Kylo obviously having pulled the trigger on Leia in the last movie seems to be all out of sorts. So much so that after killing “Big Bad Snoke” for making him “Break the mask that grandpa Vader would have been proud of” and trying to get him to slay his crush he decides to fix his “Spooky Mask” (Death Mask for the Sith Cultists if you were into the expanded universe). To tie it all together at the end of the teaser we get the “Voice Over” of the long dead “Emperor Palpatine. Remember when he got thrown into the Death Star II’s core and exploded like a water balloon filled with lightening?

“I lived”

If it’s irony or just a solid nod to the old defunct “expanded universe”. The Emperor was obsessed with immortality and the prospect of clones. We’ve not been given much to go on but the foreboding laughing at could either be one of Disney’s classic “Fake out lines that are never in the movie but somehow in the trailer and no one bothered to do anything other than use said bit of sound-bite to embelish nostalgia and force a content expectation that won’t be there thus denying the fans what they thought was going to be there and leave us all bitter and angry that it never happened” like they’ve done with so many movies in the past decade.

-R. Rankin