The Room for free

Tommy Wiseu’s “The Room” is now free on youtube

“The Room” for free?!

You heard correctly, boys and girls! Tommy’s MAGNUM OPUS, The Room, is now free to view on Youtube! While we could make pages and pages of content on this gem but instead we will provide a place for you to view it yourself below:

Feel the depth of Wiseu’s brilliance in this unrivaled movie about… a mans decent into mania. Love, lies, broken friendships and betrayal. This movie has it all!

Yes, this is the movie that spawned the book and the film “Disaster Movie”.

Tommy decided to pull his version that was posted. Despite the fact it was reaching about 5 million views and shares. We are using another video posted by another source for critical review. If Tommy decides to post it again we will happily update the link. We will ALSO be more than happy to link his Facebook and youtube page (we know you’re reading this Tommy).

Tommy seems to be removing every version from Youtube AFTER having posted it for free. So we’re just posting another one. And another. And Another… and another.