Sci-Fi Movie News- More New Star Wars Movies!

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Disney green-lights more movies under the Star Wars IP

You heard right, folks, 9 more New Star Wars Movies. While popularity for the Lucasfilms property has leveled out since the hype of the beginning of the new “Trilogy” the diehard fans have sent their message to Kennedy and Disney but the question now is, have they heard it? 9 movies at hundreds of millions to produce each? What are they? There are currently TV shows in the works but the primary focus from the Disney and Lucasfilms production team are the movies. We’ve only got a few names so far and some of them have been placed on a production hold:

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  • Star Wars Episode 9- The Conclusion to the current “Present” story-line in Star Wars. We’ve seen 2 “Side Story” prequels and the script for Episode 9 had a LOT of the late Carrie Fisher written into it which they’ve been having to correct. We’ll see the final conclusion between our Heroes and the New Order into the old-hat devastation of every Star Wars Totalitarian Regime. Because we are not held under any kind of NDA we can honestly say “We hope Disney doesn’t do to this movie what they did to Solo!” and that’s saying enough.

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  • Boba Fett (Confirmed then PUT ON HOLD)- While this property has been retconned from the original source material in the Marvel Comics of the 80s and Dark Horse in the 90s and early 2000s with the “New Movies” and the “Making it all the “Star wars Legends” executive decree, Disney, has decided that the bounty hunter that blew himself out of the Sarlacc Pit and was known across the “Old Star Wars” for being a dude who threatened to carve peoples arms and legs off to make them easier to drag around is the perfect character to make a film about with the hype generated from “Star Wars: Clone Wars” and “Star Wars: Rebels”. However due to the failing take from the Solo Movie the “Spin offs” have been placed on hold.

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  • Obi Wan Kenobi (Working Title PUT ON HOLD)- There were things alluded to in “Shadows of the Empire” a now defunct Midquel work that took place between “Empire Strikes Back” and “Return of the Jedi”. In addition there were various other media that went over the “History of Obi Wan” which was later rendered non-canon. However, we’ve been given quite a bit of history and character development in the “Clone Wars” and “Rebels” show. With this consideration at hand as mentioned with Boba Fett “Spin offs” and “Star Wars Stories” have been put on hold.

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  • Thrawn- While the book is out on Thrawn and the works of Timothy Zahn are also out there for the Legends timeline there were stirrings on a fan favorite villain, Grand Admiral Thrawn. Since his defeat at the end of Rebels the writers alluded to the character being “not dead yet” in an unseen narrative. Because of the nature of the open cliffhanger on “What happened to Thrawn” this would have to have been one of the “Star Wars Story” films that have been officially put on the back burner before it ever got to simmer.

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  • A New Trilogy- That’s right, when you thought Episode 9 would be the conclusion you might have been wrong. The new series by director Rian Johnson films will most likely be followed by David Benioffand and D.B. Weiss as per the contract information leaked by a Disney/Lucasfilm Employee. What’s been alluded is the reapplication of content from the Legacy universe into a more modern adaptation to the current or “Modern” incarnation of Star Wars. We don’t know exactly what that will allude to exactly but there are hundreds of works to select from.
How was this never made into a movie?

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Everything else at this point is conjecture. We can only hope that the message got to Kathleen Kennedy after Solo. Will the direction continue down that of a very loud minority of viewers who’ve never owned more than 4 Lucas Arts video-games at one time and a whole shelf of Micro Machine replicas, novels and comics or will it be made for the general audience and fans? Only time will tell at this point and we can only hope that our Prince Xizor memorabilia gets the canon treatment it deserves. Then again, we’ve not seen a “Monkey Island” movie either despite the witty and silliness of that property going quietly into the night.

Yes, we may have also had a “Yoda”, “Darth Maul” AND a “Prince of the Black Sun” however those ideas are currently being set aside or scrapped. All things considered it’s good Disney is putting things on hold so they can run damage control on their rampant property. Maybe, with this, they will get back on track!

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