Retrospective- How to watch Tenchi Muyo

Time to get down to business, TENCHI STYLE!

First you must understand “Tenchi Muyo!” is an adaption from a serial Manga. You will NEVER get the whole story from the anime. That being said we must also consider that in their Storyline Universe “Lady Tokimi” resets the timeline with various alternating factors, thus, making each story different shows/possibilities from the SAME universe. They do NOT all intersect but SOME do! To make it easier I’ve categorized the following with relevance to the CORE Continuity and Numbered as per their significance. *Demarks importance of the anime on contrast to the others “Spinnoffs”:

  1. *Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-Ohki– The Core storyline/Continuity and closest adaptation from the original Manga. We are introduced to Tenchi and the main cast along with the main conflict and story of the show.
  2. *Tenchi Muyo! GXP– The Core Storyline/continuity takes a break for a “Pseudo-Second Generation” as the Main Character, Tenchi’s cousin is abducted and is drafted into the Space police and embarks on adventures through the TM Universe.
  3. *Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-Ohki OVA– ┬áThis is the COMPLETION of the Original manga adaption with Tenchi and the gang. Characters introduced from GXP make a return appearance and their “Secondary Roles” become “Significant Primary Roles”
  4. Tenchi Muyo! War on Geminar– Taking place years AFTER the events of the OVA with Tenchi’s half-brother. Though the it does leave a few allusions to the ORIGINAL Storyline/Continuity it acts as a “Stand Alone” in a Spinoff-like manner.
  5. *Tenchi Universe– This is a “Core Retelling” of the Manga. Antagonists have been changed and added to give the story a “Broader Universal Depth”. The quality is different while the direction was along similar lines (but not the same). This series is a MUST WATCH due to the Cartoon Network Popularization of this anime.
  6. Tenchi in Tokyo– This is a Spinnoff with the same characters from the OVA and TU. The story resumes at the point of Tenchi moving to Tokyo and handling school while the girls handle his moving and a NEW enemy.
  7. Magical Girl Pretty Sammy/Pretty Sammy Magical Girl Club- Another Spinnoff with a focus on the “Magical Girl Pretty Sammy” idea. Though it has NOTHING to do with the original show the popularization of it gave it stand-alone status in Japan.
  8. Tenchi Muyo! Movies– Often Spinn-Offs set in either “Tenchi Muyo!” or “Tenchi Universe” that don’t have much effect on the main storylines (or made after they were finished).
  9. Various other Cross-Over shows– Not named here but there are a few. Check them out at your own PERIL!

-Robert R.

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