Retro Game Review: Star Wars- Dark Forces

System: PC
Overall: (-(-(-(- 4/5
Forward: I was roughly ten years old when my female cousin Brianna told me of a game. She and her sisters then went to play with my little sister. I put the disk in the PC and began playing.

Game Summary: This game put me behind the eyes of a Rebel Merc fighting the Empire and collecting information on a new super weapon.
Graphics: Dark Forces was one of the best games at the time. Most people were pushing interactive puzzle games. This was Lucasarts FIRST FPS and was one heck of a game! Storm Troopers, Imperial Officers and Pilots, Aliens, and robots were vivid apt depictions from the film!
Music: Though mostly Midi format the game was classic. Sounds were original, and overall a good experience.
Replay: The difficulty levels added to the tension ingame but for a PC FPS it was pretty fun. Now a days I start at normal and go up.
In the End: Dark Forces set the bar for all the coming star wars FPS/3rd Person games. Dark Forces was also the origin of Kyle Katan- the Jedi that defeats Dessan in the canon storyline. I’m happy to see the story continue in the following Dark Forces and Jedi Knights games.

-Transported from No Deal Forum, Circa 2007.
-Robert R.

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