How-To Get Your Artwork or Writing Protected with a Copyright

In today’s digital age it’s time your artwork and writing got protected!

Comics, Pinnup artwork, poems, novellas, essays and the vast body of original works out there have quite the value to them weather it is from a wholesome point of view to test one’s ability to produce it or from a business standpoint where the content made is worth it’s weight in gold. There are a few solutions for that. Two, to be exact: Making your work part of the “Public Domain” or getting a “Copyright”. Some folks seek to harness that power of creativity as a career while others are just happy to give the world something from their mind’s eye. Whatever or wherever it may come from or be intended for there is one thing for sure:

You and your work needs to be protected.
This can be done through simple methods like posting it publicly on a blog or various publicly accessible websites and announcing it to the world “This is mine but you can have it!” this is called:
Public Domain
This is defined as: the state of belonging or being available to the public as a whole, and therefore not subject to copyright. You’ll retain the original as your own work but won’t have any legal grounds for suing folks who might use it and it’s meant for the world at large to enjoy and do with as they please.

However, if you’re one of the folks looking to make a career of your work what you’re going to want is a:
This is a far more weighty process. Copyright is a legal right that grants the creator of an original work exclusive rights for its use and distribution as per definition given from the United States Copyright Office (yes, it’s a real thing). Getting one of these for your work will enable you to put said works on paper, artwork, e-book, or even greeting card quotes into circulation for money or distribution specifically under your control and protect your works in case someone tries to use them for their own gain or distribution.

Copyright can be used on singular items or on many items in a collection in volumes. The submission for one can be done online and the nuances for such can be specific depending on the nation you are submitting it for the “Copyright” in. This is an important part of any creator’s respective body of work because it means that you, specifically, are the one who produced it and there is a copy of it in the hands of the government who can enforce the law of the creator and rights of said creator for their creations not to be used by those whom it was not intended for or given consent to use.

For more information see our Editor’s Ebook on the subject for the same amount the Loch Ness Monster often asks for:

Published  years ago and the Copyright is still current!

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Comic News- The Jawbreaker Drama as of June 14th

Publisher wounded after announcing then pulling support for comic while Artist gets over $340k Crowdfunded


Richard C. Meyer, has been an artist for some time working on various comics. His latest production, Jawbreakers, has been met with both ecstatic support support and extreme critique. The critical nature however is not the content of the comic but the commentary of the artist on social media. Various websites and “News Sources” while seeming to be “Known for valid reporting of the facts” have been circulating screenshots and various “quotes from recorded interviews” with no actual evidence beyond citing “he said things on twitter and that one recording (that we don’t have linked or posted anywhere)”. However, while the content of the comic is a nod back to the fantastical era of comics printed on pulp and intended to tell a story much like the golden age of comics some folks can’t leave well enough alone.

Meyers has a flare for framing and simplicity in design and intent in composition.

In the wake of a crowdfunding Campaign for Jawbreakers, Meyer had found a publisher and distribution with an old favorite of ours from one of our first articles, Antarctic Press, who were ready to roll with the punches of getting the i’s dotted and t’s crossed with Diamond Comics who’re one of the larger circulation sources. What followed with the announcement was a backlash that would wound the Indi Publisher and set aflame the “#comicsgate” movement with the force of a thousand suns. Antarctic Press reneged on their support and left Meyer to fend for himself in publishing and circulation while the propaganda between Comic Book Stores leaked to the public. Names were dropped, people were outed, and Meyers took to Twitter to make it known how he felt. Soon, store owners were claiming acts of vandalism were the fault of the Comic Book artist and fingers pointed at his witty banter without any evidence to prove otherwise. It was only a matter of time till people were making themselves libel online in-mass while desperately clinging to the “proof that he was a Nazi” or any variety of “Bigot” they could muster while copying and pasting it into whatever form of social media they could.

This backlash at the time boosted the indigogo  beyond it’s stretch goals as people put their money where their mouth is. Sadly, there was no one the critics of Meyer’s could throw their money at and the now recoiling Publisher, AP (Antarctic Press), was suffering a drop in support from stores and the now publicly exposed owners for their almost Nazi-worthy levels of demand for censorship and bookburning. Die-hard fans of their works such as Gold Digger and Steam Wars or their various parodies were still purchasing and keeping them afloat but the backlash could be seen on their Twitter page and even on the Facebook Page of their founder, Ben Dunn. Meyers, on the other hand, has pulled over $340K as of 6/14/18, established Splato Comics as a Publisher and continues to grow.

Splato del Gato from Meyer’s Twitter

It should be said that while AP is a great company when it comes to parody and satire they bent the knee to the wrong folks, folks who never heard of them and now will never even consider investing due to their “Affiliation” even after they disassociated. It seems Splato Comics will be the “Official” Publisher for Meyers current and future projects moving forward.

All content is copyright it’s respective creator.

Written by: R. Rankin

Comic News- Was Stan Lee held prisoner in a weird case of elderly abuse?

Stan Lee, image Courtesy ABC News

“Marvel Comics legend Stan Lee has been granted a temporary restraining order against a man claiming to be his caregiver.” -CNN

Looks like good old Stan Lee, Marvel Comics Founder and Multimedia Entertainment Mogul, was Spirited away by Keya Morgan who had taken “Custody” of Stan as a Caretaker over the past few months. Officially, he’s been issued a restraining order to stay at least 100 Yards from the Generalissimo. While news sources have reached out to Morgan he has denied comment, however, after being arrested on Monday for making a false police report in an attempt to divert attention from a Welfare Check on Stan Lee in his own home on May 30th. We can only suspect the worst. While the court is still out on what happens and no official statement has been made by Stan we can only allude to conjecture and deduction.

Stan’s Feisty- Image Courtesy Jon Morris

We all know Stan has been having a hard time over the past year with various news sources and tabloids spreading rumors in addition to the passing of his wife but this only adds to the ever growing media flurry of attention to the aged Producer. Thankfully, Stan is free of whatever this situation with the former ,”Caregiver”. Keya Morgan, has been quoted that “I have taken great care of Stan Lee for the past many years, and have never had a problem directly with Stan. I have a fantastic relationship with him for the past many years, as he has stated countless times on the record, and I literally saved his life once.” –TMZ. However, it’s safe to say anyone who is a Memorabilia Collector with the metaphorical “Keys to the Castle” should be suspect when the King (Stan Lee) files a 100 yard restraining order.

Image Courtesy

Producer and Writer Kevin Smith has offered his fellow producer, Stan, a place to live with him and his family. Where this will go we do not know. It is safe to say, though, Stan is no longer under the “Care” of Mr. Morgan and as of today no posts from Stan have surfaced on his Twitter page of anything more. We can only hope this Legendary and Visionary Hero of a man who has brought joy and inspired the imaginations of billions can enjoy his following years in peace and safety.

-R. Rankin

ABC News