PewDiePie steps back from Social Media…

The Face of Youtube for a long time.
Youtuber Felix “PiewDiePie”Kjellberg made an announcement last week on twitter over “taking a break” and stepping back from the platform.

December 2019 was an interesting month. Felix decided to bow out of twitter over the lukewarm virtue signaling and that’s understandable. In addition he’s decided to also take a break from Youtube the beginning of 2020.

Kicking boasting and social engineering on his way out.

While most people would place blame on a singular person or event he went into a lecture over philosophy and Eudaimonia. We included the video so you could see what it’s all about.

Pewds reports on the reporting of his reporting on reporting of his departure. Wait, what?

Felix has said, as per the second video provided, that he would like to explore other possible venues and see what he can accomplish outside of the platform. This break “may just be 5 days” or “something longer” and he doesn’t “want people’s sympathy”.

Awesome, Pewds, you do you man. You’re a great entertainer and we all look forward to see where it all leads!