Blizzard pushes a painful one out

Diablo: Immortal burns while Blizzard takes a dump on fans.

Made in ‘Merica… where you kick, Diablo, the Lord of Terror’s shiny red ass.

It’s not every day that mobile games like “Endless Gods” or “Endless of God” gets the royal upgrade to the IP of Diablo from Blizzard Entertainment. It was so easy just switch god with the Devil (Diablo) and Endless with Immortal and Switch positions. That’s not all, however, they needed to rip the skins and asscets right out of Diablo III and make it a “Midquel” to “Keep the lore canon”. Blizzard totally are NOT selling you a reskin because they  “Built it from the ground up” (even though it’s the same company and the game-play looks identical).

Endless Gods = Diablo: Immortal

Now, if you were like me who stood in the crowd and chanted “APRIL FOOLS! APRIL FOOLS!” then the other Diablo-Bro got up and asked if it was an off season April Fool’s Prank only to be told “No, it’s real” then you’d be as flustered as I was. I’ve been paying Blizzard for Collectors Editions and Subscriptions over the past 20 years, since I was 13. The net amount is over a Thousand Dollars easy. So I’m no slouch when it comes to being a fan. I even have my original Warcraft: Orcs Vs. Humans CD covered in dust on my game-shrine. However, Blizzard has decided to knock that $1k+ investment and sentimentality onto the ground and take a huge dump on it by reducing the newest franchise installment to “A Mobile Game”.

Diablo: Immortal = Endless Gods Guess which is which!

While some folks will say “It’s awesome that we can play it wherever!” that is the minority. A majority of folks, on record, publicly displayed on Youtube (as seen below) booed it’s release at this year’s Blizzcon. Who in the world would pay over $150 for a ticket and $400+ on travel and lodging to hear “You get it on your $800+ dollar phone now!” because I sure as the Hells didn’t. Blizzard is facing a backlash so bad they are doing whatever they can to mitigate the “Bad press” they get on Youtube and have gone as far as to Copyright Strike folks who post footage of the questioning at the release.

Thank’s to youtuber “Catheriiine” for that. Please check her channel out.


I remember my youth and that creepy Cathedral full of horrors…

As you can see, Blizzard has fallen out of touch with what fans really want. Mechanics we’ve been begging for have been added to the mobile platform exclusively. Content people could enjoy will require a brand new flagship Smartphone. Lore that folks WANT for worldbuilding in their own head-canon relegated to mobile only. Blizzard has basically seen the waning subscriptions from their Cash-Tauren, World of Warcraft, and thought “Oh! Lets go Mobile and Play to Win with Microtransations with our other IP! That will keep the Gravy Train rolling!” and some of us KNEW it was coming. Mike Morhaime bowed out the beginning of this month. He’s had his fill. The question is:
“Is this muti-million dollar reskin of an already made game going to be worth OUR time?”
You decide.

-R. Rankin

Animegate Approaches

In the year 2018 Animegate Approaches

Oh Maaaai….

No one knows what’s happening with the absolutely insane changes to anime dubs to force a Social Justice Narrative and impressive hidden propaganda within what could be called “Children’s Cartoons” or Japanese Anime. While we could do a barrel roll and a backflip into the world of conspiracy theories we can see companies like “SyFy“, “Kotaku”, and “Crunchy Roll” or “The Mary Sue” are pushing articles full of ideologies which attack the “Right” and victim complexes which scream “I’m triggered at the designs of characters in anime”. We could link more of their articles but we would rather not give them traffic (Google is a godsend for those frothing for “FACTS OR GTFO) and I feel the link to the absolutely BONKERS SyFy article was enough.

Strong Female Character: Strawberry blond and blue eye – looks like a NAZI to me?! (just kidding)!

We can see it in the rhetoric and the size of some of these “posts” and “claims” liking the content in anime to fascism and “Far right thinking”. Some of the statements from SyFy go as far as to say “Japan is trying to normalize fascism and the imagery”. It’s clearly obvious that these morons have never actually WATCHED anime for more than a few choice episodes of Full Metal Alchemist or the second to last episode of The Original Gundam. Without a SINGLE word spoken to a Japanese history major the writer of this prattle without a consideration for Anime made to have the children watching it know exactly what Fascism is:

However, this is just scratching the surface. The lack of an actual education and the pushing of dishonest opinions and ideals is leading the so called “Main Stream Nerd Culture” down a dark, stupid, path of self destruction. If SyFy can publish an article with paragraphs of lies compounded with false information and hammer home that “ANIMEFAN=NAZIS” we’ll be seeing more and more original content from Japan being perverted and twisted like the dubs we’ve been seeing as of late to reflect a work of extremist propaganda and not a form of enjoyable escapist media. You’ve got raving lunatics like MICHELLE VILLANUEVA injecting her own twisted opinion into the fandom and projecting exactly what her bosses that pay her money to post her inane bullshit ramble for over 5 pages of “content” as a “News Article”. Here at Chasing Sasquatch we don’t tolerate that kind of thing…

It’s called “Comedy” and “Parody” you daft twit moron. Who made you a journalist and what HACK college did you go to?

Here is a video on the article from youtuber Weaponized Nerd Rage

Of course Michelle Villanueva would NEVER use the actual HUGE and GLARING parody content from Japan or Hugely Popular Topical and Superficial Content which has been around for over a DECADE from LIVING LEGEND Akira Toriyama of Dragonball Z.

Because this is Hitler from Dragonball was simply called “The Dictator” represented by a short, cowardly, screaming man-child who eventually gets his feefees smashed and sent BACK TO HELL. Doomslayer Goku be praised.

So what does this mean? What is “Animegate” and what are it’s parameters for being a scandal? Well, you’ve seen the article from Michelle, you’ve HEARD the horrible injection of SOCIAL JUSTICE WARRIORS into dubs. You’ve even heard parodies of it mockingly in the Team 4 Star videos on youtube. Eventually, the people spending money on anime are going to get tired of this and I’m sorry to say but there are more of us with more disposable cash who spend money on Anime and Comics than there are critics of it like Villa-Nuttella and whatever her roster of “Deplorable” friends consist of over at the now defunct and slowly burning zeppelin that is SyFy. People are going to start outing these extremists for what they are:
Domestic terrorists demonizing people through social media and the manipulation of imported content to establish a Straw-Man narrative with false flags and transition it into a “Slippery Slope”

The real Nazis are those trying to censor and change Japanese cartoons and content to fit their narrative and extremist viewpoints by screaming down any detractors and appearing like they are superior with credentials like the Psychiatrists who endorsed Hitler’s Mein Kampf. Right, Michelle?

A storm is coming. Do you run from it? Take shelter in a safe place? You decide.

Funimation is Officially pulling their support and licenses from Crunchyroll due to a conflict of interest and bias from subs and dubs being changed to fit a political narrative that does not fit the original work therefor support from the CR Platform is being pulled. While they refuse to comment on the reasons why we know that the sudden coverage from people like from Youtube like “Itsagundam”, “WeaponizedNerdRage”, a dozen other social media reviewers and potentially us bringing to light the gross misrepresentation from the original content we’re going to say this is a victory for the original works from Glorious Nippon.

-R. Rankin

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Star Wars TLJ and the Truth about Russian Trolls

Star Wars and the Truth about Russian Trolls

Since 9/29/18  “Reliable Nerd News Sources” like “Epicstream”, “Kotaku”, “The Verge”, “The Hollywood Reporter” and “USA Today” have reported:
Russian Trolls make up half the people critical of TLJ (The Last Jedi)
While it would be a wonderful boon for Lucasfilms and Disney to be able to say that the honest-to-goodness truth of the “Fan Backlash” is because of “Russian Interference” none of these actual “Reporters” and Article Writers or so-called “Journalists” actually went out of their way to verify any facts!

Rather than actually checking the source these “News Sources” have been hailing the following from “Morton Bay” as some kind of holy truth:
Russian trolls weaponize Star Wars criticism as an instrument of information warfare with the purpose of pushing for political change, while it is weaponized by right-wing fans to forward a conservative agenda and for some it is a pushback against what they perceive as a feminist/social justice onslaught,” Bay wrote. Further exploration into the Actual Facts and Evidence provided is nothing more than conjecture based on “The origin of the tweets”. Weaponized cognitive discord and propaganda? What was he thinking? This is a pretty huge claim with a simple glance over  “topical data”.

Flash forward a few days to last night, 10/2/2018, I decided to do my own digging into the Metadata. Within 5 minutes I was able to verify that more than 3/4ths of the “Twitter handles from Russia” with negative criticism were actually VPN derived. What does that mean? Let me give you the definition:
VPN- A virtual private network (VPN) extends a private network across a public network, and enables users to send and receive data across shared or public networks as if their computing devices were directly connected to the private network. Applications running across a VPN may therefore benefit from the functionality, security, and management of the private network.
This means that while Bay would LOVE to blame Russia for the “Star Wars StR8 H8” he’s actually incorrect (either uninformed, blissfully omitting actual research data, a liar, some form of weaponized Asperger syndrome sped, or multiple of the forementioned). Turns out that the people making fun of said property are actually just trolling people who don’t know how to run a “Script Kiddy” level IP address check through the preliminary data provided. To top it off we went to IRC with our OWN VPN with our supposed masked location somewhere in Uganda and asked a few “Hackers” who were part of the larger Star Wars Chat Communities and Fan forums. We got a few quotes from them to put your fears at ease (Names have been changed to protect the journalistic integrity and sources):
“I’ve got 87 twitter accounts attached to a unique IP each all designated in Russia and former USSR geographical locations which are their own nations now. I live in Florida.” -Dave
” ROFL LOL bro I have 22 different online identities all with ips out of russia and all of them bang-on tlj what a retarded s***show.” -Mike
“That F***in moron Bay goes to a college for journalism and communication, refuses to get in touch with the actual community, praises twitter handles locations as the word of God and thinks he’s some kind of all-knowing-all-seeing untouchable student journalist because every news source is hungry for tying Russian Collaboration to anything they can to push their political agenda while ignoring the glaring fact that we’re here and have not heard a peep from this hack. He’s a joke and so are these supposed news sources. F***ing trash!” -Clockwork Lazarus

After the foray into actual hardcore fan-chats, facebook groups, and a trip into a digital-hacker-land we even took a little look on the “Dark Web” with the IRCs running VPNs and remote identity servers we’ve actually gotten to the bottom of this story and while the idiots at USC’s Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism are willing to post anything to get them noticed without actual fact checking beyond the superficial data that is Twitters standard geodata, giant buffoons, like Rian Johnson will hide behind ANY excuse not to take responsibility for the built up, plot hole ridden, “Kill the characters off as soon as they were developed in the last episode”, mess that was TLJ. This article was written out of California, by the way, no Russian Trolls here RIAN.

-R. Rankin