Star Wars: Rise of The Skywalker Title Theory

We remember “Dark Empire”.

Star Wars will have the Force Ghost of Luke Skywalker but we have a theory about the name…

We’re just a few months away from the next installment of Star Wars and people are grasping at straws to see what’s what. While some are huffing about the Japanese title being “Skywalker Ressurection” very few seem to even know about prophecies from the Extended Universe.

Grandpa Luke just doesn’t get it…

However, in the earlier Dark Horse comics incarnations which the newer episodes of star wars and the various canon content has been dipping their toes in the “Old Canon” with the “Skywalker Prophecy” from Vodo-Siosk Baas with the mix of Luke Skywalker’s statement from The Last Jedi.

The title is more than it appears…

Here is the theory:
Skywalker, is the name of the new Light Side and Dark Side force user which abolishes the stigma between the sides and embraces them both as a whole. The founders being the “Light in the Dark” and the “Dark within the light” of Rey and Kylo (Ben).

Dark Side users whom became became light from left to right:
Ventress, Revan, Jade

While it’s a working theory and won’t be further clarified until the movie comes out we can honestly say that it seems to be the closest to the “Re-imagining” to continue the franchise forward. The methodology of progressive writing and the idea that “no one’s really gone” leaves the entire idea of book-ending the light and dark side into a singular school of thought.

How many of these have you seen?

Does this mean all Skywalkers will be “Grey Jedi” or “Light Sith”? No, they’ll be Skywalkers. The Light and Dark side will be all parts of a complete whole which, in the end, will require those that are force attuned or sensitive to embrace and discipline themselves with the full range of the emotional spectrum rather than dwelling in a self-imposed state of zen-like introversion but a universally compassionate extroversion which recognizes hate and anger as symptoms of an issue rather than the issue itself. We could be wrong but it’s just a theory…

-R. Rankin

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