Retrospective- What was Shareware?

I remember, back in the late 80’s and early 90’s we had  Shareware and Freeware that allowed people to have one episode of a full games allowing you to get a feel for the game and the content…. Read More

Retro Game Review Sonic and Knuckles on the Sega

System: Sega Genesis Overall: **** 4/5 Game Summary:Though pushing the processing of sprites on a screen at once Sonic lacked much of the display gloss of later games on the Genisis. The first game itself was a launch… Read More

Retro Game Review- Jill of the Jungle

System: PC (DOS) Overall: *** (3/5) Game Summary: When you think “Laura Croft” or “The Night Elves” from WoW did you ever wonder where it all came from? Well for those who remember the contender: Jill! To keep… Read More

Retrospective- How to watch Tenchi Muyo

Time to get down to business, TENCHI STYLE! First you must understand “Tenchi Muyo!” is an adaption from a serial Manga. You will NEVER get the whole story from the anime. That being said we must also consider… Read More

Retrospective- The Rise and Fall of Anime and Manga into the Niche

GO SPEED! GO! In the 1980s America got it’s first taste of “Anime”. Mainstream titles like: Astro Boy Gigantor Transformers Speed Racer Urusei Yatsura Space Battleship Yamato/ Harlock/Galaxy Express Gundam: Mobile Suit Macross/Robotech And those at the time… Read More